St. Lucian Government to allow Juffali to invoke diplomatic immunity in civil case vs ex-wife

St. Lucian Government to allow Juffali to invoke diplomatic immunity in civil case vs ex-wife
Estrada and Walid Juffali.

Walid_Juffali_3535786bPRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia has informed the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) that it intends to uphold the principle of diplomatic immunity by allowing its Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to invoke his diplomatic immunity in the civil case brought by his ex-wife pursuant to Part 111 of the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act, 1984 of the United Kingdom.

The Government advised the FCO of its position last Friday, January 15, after it received a letter from the FCO requesting the Government of Saint Lucia to lift the immunity of Dr. Juffali. Subsequent to the receipt of the letter, the representative of the Government of Saint Lucia, along with its attorney, met with FCO officials to discuss the matter.

The Government of Saint Lucia has been assured by the FCO that Dr. Juffali has not abused the privileges and immunities afforded to him, nor is the decision of the Government of Saint Lucia to uphold the principle of diplomatic immunity an abuse of these privileges or immunities in any way.

While the Government of Saint Lucia fully respects the decision of the FCO to make such a request, it is not satisfied, based on its own examination of the facts, that a compelling case has been made out to grant a waiver of the diplomatic immunity of Dr. Juffali.

The Government of Saint Lucia explains that based on all legal advice and precedence established in international diplomatic practice, the principle of diplomatic immunity must be safeguarded and should only be lifted in exceptional cases. Further, it must be a decision of the sending state, in this case Saint Lucia.

The Government of Saint Lucia is clear that based on the legal advice it received and diplomatic practice in such matters, this case does not warrant the lifting of the immunity of Dr. Juffali. The Government of Saint Lucia has noted, in particular, that no precedent could be cited to show that such a request had been acceded to in the past.

The Government of Saint Lucia has therefore maintained its position that the parties should be allowed to settle their matrimonial dispute through negotiations and failing that, the Courts should decide if immunity can be waived in this matter.



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  1. Juffali's wife is an alleged gold digger.
    that is probably why the Prince dumped her.
    Now she trying to use here contacts to dictate to governments.
    Come on!!
    We need to forget the woman and move on.
    Juffali represents us at the maritime organization.
    If juffali messes up on the job then can fire him,but until then....
    That's it.period.end of story




  2. OK!!! I'm convinced now that the UWP have paid certain individuals to comment on these political issues. Yes people it is INDEED a POLITICAL ISSUE, so GET IT RIGHT. ALL this is being orchestrated to appear that there are several (PARTY HACKS if I may add) individuals interested in Juffali's ex-wife wanting more than the 16 million dollar mansion, even her 100, 000 dollar monthly allowance.

    These same HACKS who are commenting against the Government's decision haven't even done any research or investigation whatsoever; they are just spewing, likewise, spinning what is being reported in the media including the opposition.

    The local media have been simply REPORTING what is being reported in the UK TABLOIDS and again the PROPAGANDA from the opposition. I'm waiting for the day to read a post in the media about Juffali' where I can appreciate that St Lucia has at least a PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST.

    NB: AND YOU MUST CERTAINLY INFORM YOURSELF.The media cannot report on something when there is so much red tape in every institution here and everyone is tight-lipped about the issue. This is a tiny country and everyone is afraid to lose their jobs, if they so happen to speak on the basis of anonymity or not.


    • That's BULL.

      He divorced her by saying the words I divorce you three times.

      Hardly a real divorce

      Secondly who the hell are you to determine what is enough in terms of a settlement given the fact that you have no idea what lifestyle she had grown accustomed to? Mind your damn business the woman has every right to reach a proper settlement given the fact he divorced her unbeknownst to her by uttering three words


    • Diplomatic immunity should have been lifted in the interest of justice for this woman and allow the courts in Britain to decide whether she deserves more alimony or not. It should have also been lifted in light of the very good relations shared between us and the UK.

      But some fools decided that our country did not matter and that a Saudi playboy mattered more. The government has deliberately used its position to shield this man and prevent this woman from obtaining what is justly due to her; a right to a court hearing to have her case heard. Something that you will not and cannot understand beyond Juffalli's largesse which appears to be of intense interest to you and the labour party.

      If you are disgusted by what is being reported by the media and u blame them for lack of knowledge that you think you possess, let me tell you ; right thinking people are beyond disgusted by you and your labour cronies. Bravo, St Lucia media.


  3. Kenny Anthony cannot treat a nation so callously with such disregard, simply because he is an aging man who is not going to be part of politics in the near future. Is that how St. Lucians who elected and trusted him to serve should be treated. I am 27 and I can say that from what I have seen so far only one Prime Minister despite his faults had the interest of St. Lucia at heart- Sir John. None of the others including the red decrepit we now have can come even close. And these people have dreams of being statesmen. 2016 ought to be a special year; it will be 1-red, 16 other. We cannot take Kenny Anthony and his gang's craziness no more. As others have said before we now have a PM we cannot trust, we now have a sullied man attributed with selling diplomatic status heading and making key decisions in this country and being supported step by step by a man who has the temerity to call himself Head of Government while being nothing but a savage impostor determined to bring St. Lucia down regionally and internationally. Your job is done in St. Lucia Kenny Anthony and the Labour party. What your gang have done can never be forgotten.


  4. What an insult to born and bred Saint Lucians this is. People in whom we placed in charge of our future and our national affairs have continuously betrayed that trust .

    This is unpardonable. This is unpardonable in light of the price we natives have to pay regarding national reputation and the ramifications for international relations flowing from this. This is a moral outrage, when for this huge price only the party's hierarchy and its lackeys are obviously the direct beneficiaries of this disgusting behaviour.

    I hope that the electorate remembers no one in the party, not even a non-cabinet member, who does not have to adhere to the collective responsibility of cabinet has seen it fit to raise a voice of caution.

    Nobody of sound mind should vote for any member of this party the coming elections. Collectively, thi party is patently and absolutely untrustworthy. This unpatriotic act is outrageous. It is unpardonable.


  5. To all you stupid ignorant bloggers. why should st lucia small as it may give in to the British and their nonsense. This issue is a non political one. it's between a st lucian diplomat and his e wife. so why aren't you all with any sense asking why is the british gov't getting involved in a private matter instead of bashing st lucia. there aree rules to be followed and i'm sure whether kenny bagged monies for the appointment did follow same. we had one american actor s diplomat under the UWP and no one open ther arse ad said anything so why now? We need to learn to unite and stop let those bigger countries treat us like shit. why don't the british newspapes or Chasnet fighting for the slavery reparation that the caribbean is fighting the european countires who owned slaves.


    • Are you an idiot? Diplomat who has not fulfilled the duties of his position! That is the whole point. The man has not attended one of the meetings for the IMO. Thus why is he a diplomat if he is not performing his diplomatic duties. Stop taking us


      • You are missing the point as most people do. I agree that St. Lucia should not pander to the bigger countries; otherwise we will also be pushed around. Look how Kenny allowed the US (most extra-judicial killings country on the Earth) come in and put St. Lucia in an awkward position.

        The issue in this case is not WHETHER he is fulfilling his duties as a Diplomat but TO LIFT his immunity so his wife can SUE for more money!! How is that a political issue? If what was called into question was his ability to serve as a Diplomat by all means lift the damn thing.

        However, this is a personal matter, I do not understand why the British Gov't is involved in this. And let's not start pointing fingers as to why Kenny brought him in. Why did the UWP bring in Fredrick with all the rumors that were circulating.

        We all know how that turned out. You are the same persons who were endorsing Frederick and King and now turn around and say something else. Get it together and stop seeing only colours people.


    • "This issue is non political one!" marbles you have in your head for brains or what.

      It's with out a shadow of a doubt a political one.

      The only sensible comment you've made was "We need to learn to unite....."

      On Salvaery Reparation, wasn't aware the Caribbean Islands were fighting a case. Never-the-less they're fighting a loosing battle. Think of it logically and the penny should drop.


  6. At least we have rights too.We dont always have to bow to our masters of old.I said we will be vindicated because no wrong was committed..


    • A wring may b=have been committed... Intentional obstruction of justice...before the fact in this case. Meaning he intentionally took the position to prevent justice being served. This is actually a crime. Obstruction of justice.
      Anyway Bambi, what di you know about Law. you sound based on numerous comment like a poitical hack. i hate to say it but it seems factual.


  7. When does one man's future, become more important than the future of an entire country? Are we back to the Middle Ages or to slavery? I am incensed. Is some country bookie suffering from some kind of inferiority complex? I loathe the SLP.


  8. Please Lucians See Below: could not have said it better
    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."


  9. "The ex-wife of a Saudi billionaire 'bombarded' the Foreign Office with letters demanding his diplomatic immunity be lifted so she could pursue him for his £4billion fortune in court, it is alleged.
    Christina Estrada, a former Pirelli calendar girl, wrote to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to clear the way for a financial claim in the UK divorce courts following the breakdown of her marriage to Sheikh Walid Juffali."

    Read more:
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    This what the news paper out of UK said........

    The Prime Minister has taken the best decision in the interest of International law and Protocol.

    End of story. Who do not like it go suck a sweetie !!!!!!!

    By the way the High Courts have already told us Mr.Chastanet is a Strange to the truth and Mr.Guy Joseph need to account for the money from the Twain Government before anyone of them can take the moral high ground on this matter and calling for the firing of the Ambassador.


  10. To those who surmise that we are indeed correct in our action to stand by Juffali. I pose the following questions:

    Are you suggesting that st. Lucia is equipped with the resources necessary to stand alone if Britain (followed by the E.U.) were to withdraw their fiscal support through the many projects they fund on island?

    Are we also to surmize that in your rallying behind Kenny's decision to not revoke diplomacy that you are indeed fine with the fact that Juffali has not attended one of those meetings for which he was so duly appointed?

    Hypothetically, if you are for this that also allows one to assume that you care not that he has not performed his duties?

    If one is appointed within both the private and public sector to fulfill any amount of duties specific to his or her role, would one not be reprimanded if he or she has not done which he or she has been allotted to do? Is that not the usual roll out of things at the organizational level?

    Further if one has answered yes to any of these questions one can only assume that you are of a corrupt nature.

    Corruption may be described as the willful disregard for norms, structure and law via fraudulent action.

    Fraudulent action is inclusive but not limited to, bribery, illicit cohersion, and also the willful disregard for norms set forth for ones own advancement.


    • Very well argued. What those morons do not seem to appreciate is that this explodes the MYTH that this ENTIRE administration has this nation's interest at heart.

      It reinforces too, that the many jobs-for-the-boys ministerial portfolios are just sinecures. You get the title but there is no work to be done. Just like this diplomatic post, the holder does not do the job associated with the title, You do NOT have to do anything.

      Process this: The SLP IS ON RECORD, saying that they will do absolutely NOTHINGthat can be regarded as POLITICAL SUICIDE. Translation?

      They are only interested in THEIR POLITICAL SURVIVAL. Therefore, getting external financing for the next elections campaign ties quite nicely into this scenario. More: a building project showing a small gain in employment putting in place a white elephant of a diabetes research centre fits like hand in glove too!

      It is a traitor's game to personally benefit and game the political system, by inviting and allowing OUTSIDERS to MEDDLE and invest IN OUR LOCAL POLITICAL AFFAIRS. Level-headed people should be convulsed by this, a national outrage!

      That must NEVER EVER BE TOLERATED. Such behaviour would kill any presidential aspirations in the US, for example. That is the price. There they seriously guard against such EXTERNAL INFLUENCES, as would most countries that want to be respected around the world. The SLP should be kicked out of office. This entire situation reeks of THIRD WORLD CORRUPTION and political prostitution.

      Why then must we, in Saint Lucia, brook any such foolishness from anyone from anywhere?