St. Lucian found dead with multiple bullet wounds

St. Lucian found dead with multiple bullet wounds
Christus J

christus1The lifeless body of a young St. Lucian man was reportedly found gagged and riddled with bullets on Tuesday, July 21 in neighbouring Martinique.

The victim, Christus Joseph, believed to be in his early 20’s, is originally from Vieux Fort, but moved to Martinique several years ago.

Reports coming out of the French island are that Joseph’s body was found with bullet wounds to the head and upper torso. He is believed to have been shot about four times.

No further details available.


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  1. R.I.P
    Mr Bobby so sorry to hear about your son.You were here for my family when we went through our same lost. MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.


  2. When one die, they DO NOT go straight to heaven; then if he is in heaven with who? You said Jason, and looking down on you; "impossibly! " Only GOD has the last say, as to who goes tO heaven. We all go to the grave, awaiting JESUS.
    This is a lesson,for all of us that are alive; live right, all the time : DO NOT allow circumstances make you steal; DO NOT allow circumstances make you kill: be REMINDED, we DO NOT get away with anything! PERIOD! You will pay, or your child, or children WILL PAY, down to the third and fourth generation.
    Prayers to the family, friends, loveones, associates who are left behind.......

    Give GOD a chance in your life. ......... .CHRIST JESUS IS COMING SOON, BE READY!


  3. If you have nothing better to say about him you all should shut up he might have had a bad way but there was good on him I watch this boy grow up from a baby and he turned out to be a remarkable young man so please let us morn him in peace we don't need your negative comments rip cuz I know u and Jason are looking over us


  4. Its funny how u go to school with someone, know nothing about them but yet feel a sense of anguish at such a death, heartfelt condolences goes out to your family and loveones. I never knew u but I respect your hustle #rip bro


  5. We need to know how. why , and by whom so many of our brothers are dying in neighboring Martinique. You hardly hear of a Martinique citizen dying not even of natural causes is St Lucia !


  6. Some of yall just sit and criticize with yall dirt mouths when yall dont know shit, this boy was a darling always laughing and smiling you do good ppl will hte you do bad the same he was a good boy very good boy jealousy will make other ppl do stupid things that persone how shot him will pay


  7. well well well....what "channel" should i b "lock" on to to follow this story....cuz i kno it aint end here...keep watch


  8. sT.lUCIAN'S are not making it easy for St.Lucian's like them self to travel hassel .When things like that happen we often point fingurs but we must stop and ask our self the question how would the international world view us St.Lucians.We are supposed to be peaceful and loving people.


  9. Yo my shatta you was my dun. My heart cry so much my blood. That burn me to bloodclat. Hold it down in heaven papo. Blow trees and chill. No more struggle. One love one blood.


  10. R.I.P. Christus ....... sad to see yet another young man gone. Whats worst he was soo cute.


  11. For the ppl who think that he sud go up there to study, plz tell me how u can do so without money cuz the bank don't give loans unless u have godmother and godfather in good positions. and sports you have to go through so much on ur own for someone to assist you. You don't know what ppl deal with on a daily basis. you don't hear the cries of ur mom when she can't pay the bills or hear the cries of ur siblings when they are hungry. Ppl always think they can justify your lifestyle or actions when they know nothing of ur situation.he was an amazing person but had his flaws but no matter what happened, he didn't deserve a death like this. The person/s responsible will reap what they sow. Hope the family gets comfort in this time grief. RIP Baby


  12. All yuh who crying for him should keep shut! Never trust a preety face. That youte is a cruke. That's what happens when bite the hand that feeds u. Ever wonderd y he fled to labar about 4 years ago? stealing...


    • De baddest....take your time to judge...he's gone n yes his family will miss him....I only hope you're prepared for when your turn comes....cayse apparently you'll are in the same bracket...


  13. Gah ppl really like talking shit when they don't know wtf going on.Christus was a safe person ik d man from grade one ! Ups n downs in his life but nobody should kill the person so heartlessly that's real shit n ppl coming here n talk bullshit bout degree n shit for your info he did go to school n he did graduate from a good school ! So stfu ignorant st.lucians ! My G may u rest in peace tell ur cuz my other G Jason hello for me ! South side gonna miss you G ! R.I.P Zeb


    • you and Jason are at peace. Look over us #oneblood.. and those hating.. Dont Throw stones if u leave in a glass house


    • Yh Man shooter we were all raised together played football we fought at times no one knows Christy's like we do smh coming from school walking home together picking mangoes amnd fat poke in the fore by mama so all who critizing put ure self in De man shoes first smfh love and miss u our cuz jason ure bff died not too long ago tell him hail up for wii shooter R.I.P cuzo south side


  14. Whoever did this I am sure they dont have a family because anyone who has siblings, a mom and dad wouldn't have the heart to kill someone. Whether it be the case where he was violent or not. This young man is not an animal to be shot and left to die. Lord have mercy on us in this world. Christus I knew you from primary school....I will miss you papa.


  15. Lucian people never have something good to say....someone just Lost a son, brother etc you guys have to know when to stop with the put downs there is a time and place for everything you guys really know how to act like small minded people.....


  16. Looking back at some of them comments are really disgusting and ignorant some St Lucians are really foolish smh r.i.p Christus


  17. So many youngmen are losing their lives beyond the borders of Martinique.Shouldn't we have some kind of expert travelling to this neighbouring island and find out what it is going on?We have a consulate general representing St.Lucians over there.Why that seem to be an everyday thing now?Whether,it is the drug trade.We should get to the bottom of this problem.Who are the killers, St.lucians verses St.lucians or it's the French men who are the culprits?More young people are losing their lives today as opposed to Cancer or Aids,and falling off a motor cycle.


  18. Probably took a french man gyal from him Cuz damn he's a cutie. French mofo's can't handle getting horn. R.I.P young blood. May ur killer or killers never find rest!


  19. Even Steven do u even know what happen...why are y'all so quick to judge.....chppz some of y'all keep talking like y'all prefect


  20. R.I.P christus may ur soul rest in peace up above and looking down at ur loved ones.... please accept my sympathy to his family and loved ones,his friends


  21. See it there, this feels bad
    because he was a St.lucian and I am a St.lucian , it's like he is my brother.
    St.lucian's are one big family.
    some of us see each other everyday, see how bad it feels, people killing us and we killing us soon there won't be no us, even grandma and grandpa they killing, hell some people even killing your cat and dog if they don't like you, that can't be right
    this is why we need to solve or disputes with more of a brother's keeper approach, what hurts me most is the fact that there are more people aware of the right solutions, they just don't put it into action,
    They couldn't be bothered
    no man is an island, it is very disturbing how this brother was found,
    May he R.i.p, heart felt condolences to the family and friends, maybe the French authorities will find the culprits soon.