St. Lucian found dead in Barbados

By SNO Staff

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An unidentified male body discovered in the gully side of Licorish Village, St Michael. (Photo by Nigel Browne/Nation News Barbados)

(SNO) – The lifeless body of an elderly St. Lucian man was found earlier Thursday (June 14) in Barbados, according to local media reports.

The body has been identified as that of 70-year-old Antoine Edmund, who lived at Odessa McClean Avenue, My Lord’s Hill in the parish of St. Michael.

Reports are that Edmund is of St. Lucian descent but had been residing in Barbados for several years.

His body was discovered after midday in a bushy area at Thompson Land, Licorish Village, My Lord’s Hill in St. Michael.

Barbados Today photo.

When the discovery was made, the Barbados police sought the public’s help to identity the body as well as provide any related information.

Nation News reported that a neighbour, who was also Edmund’s caretaker, later identified the body.

Police are investigating.



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