St. Lucian females invited to apply for Canadian farm worker programme

St. Lucian females invited to apply for Canadian farm worker programme
Farm workers in North America.
Farm workers in North America.

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Department of Labour is seeking to expand its participation in the Canada Seasonal Agricultural Farm Worker Programme.

The progamme which has been in existence for over 50 years, provides employment opportunities for Saint Lucian farm workers across Canada.

The Department has been negotiating with prospective Canadian employers, to secure additional opportunities, while refining its recruitment policies.

As a result of these negotiations and the strong potential for increased opportunities for women, the Department is seeking to compile a register of female workers for the Canadian Programme. Consequently, the Department would like to invite interested female candidates to apply for the programme.

Interested persons should:
1. Be between the ages of 22 – 44,
2. Possess some agricultural work experience,
3. Have a clean criminal record.

Registration begins at the Department from October 16-20, 2017 between the hours of 9 am to 2 pm.

To facilitate the registration process, persons are asked to bring along the following documentation:

1. 1 Job Letter or a letter from a former employer,
2. 2 Character References,
3. 1 passport size photo,
4. A valid passport.

This recruitment exercise is intended to facilitate placement of workers on selected farms for the 2018 Season.

Mr. Darrel Montrope


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  1. Please ma/sir, when new farm season for 2018 will start please I which to apply for the job position


  2. First of all, unfortunately St.Lucia has two political parties that are bordering on useless. They are divisive and manipulative.

    On the subject of the farming opportunities for the women...Has anyone seen the conditions in which the women will be living? We all speak of equal rights, but there are some conditions that men may tolerate but are totally inadequate for women.

    The Government department should ensure that the successful applicants are not going to a situation where they will be duped. if they have to find their own accommodation then this should also be included in the advert. This advert is not responsible enough coming from a government entity.

    On another note, whist the UWP is seeking to waste more money trying to investigate the St. Judes fiasco, they should put that money towards repairing the building. The Stadium has been used for so long and it was not purpose built. Why haven't we seen a video showing the state of St. Judes. Come on you investigative journalist!!!!

    Finally, please St.Lucia have the government pass the Freedom of Information Act which they are sitting on so we can all know what is happening. for example No one is complaining about reports commissioned by the government costing so much and yet still cannot be made public.


  3. Go to your slave masters. It's bad enough that many of them are Molly Maids already now they are inviting them (poor Blacks) to go in their fields to break their backs and add callous to their hands and feet for little or nothing. Do you think for one minute Chastanet or any politician in St Lucia would send any of their kids up there to do this kind of work ? Only when hell freezes over. Those who are beating their patriotic chest and pumping their fist and crying country first with their talk show would not even entertain the thought of sending their kids. We as a people need to stop selling ourselves in this day and age and lean how to build wealth amongst our selves and be self reliant. Which Jew would be caught dead up there doing this kind of work ? Which Chinese ? Not even poor White Hillbilly's going there to do that kind of work so why is the government selling my people ? How much do they get per head ? Is it worth it ? Where is this money spent and to benefit whom or what ?


    • Smh.... someone has to do it. Why don't you open a business and give st.lucians work? Stop being a hater you dumb ass,because this is no different to getting a scholarship to study overseas. It is work....they are not going to Canada to work for free. Work is work!!!! Stop being negative!


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