St. Lucian estate pops up in leaked Panama Papers

St. Lucian estate pops up in leaked Panama Papers

pa_1982586cA large St. Lucian estate owned by the now deceased Lord Glenconner has so far been the only mention of the island in the leak of documents on offshore companies dubbed the “Panama Papers”.

According to the Daily Telegraph:
“The  Scottish aristocrat, a close friend of Princess Margaret, who owned a swath of land on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, held his assets through an offshore company, Beau Estates.

Lord Glenconner, who died in 2010, frequently hosted the Queen’s late sister on glamorous trips to the Caribbean.

After he died, Glenconner’s family were surprised to discover that he had left his shares in Beau Estates to his manservant, Winston Kent Adonai, and fought the will. Beau Estates was set up in Panama in 1988 before being transferred to the BVI.

The original documents show that the company was controlled by “Mr Lord Glenconner”.”

There has been no indication however that the offshore account was used to shelter assets to avoid tax or to cover any illicit transactions.



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  1. Before we publicize Offshore accounts found in "PANAMA PAPERS" we need to CONFIRM whether there was any form of corruption involved especially when the Director/(s) is not a Politically Exposed Person . The "Panama Papers" which were hacked...NOT LEAKED, basically presented many wealthy and powerful persons however, since then a few accounts have been passed as legitimate. There are 100 million DOCUMENTS to be sifted, NOT ACCOUNTS unlike what many seem to be publicizing. The US has so far managed to tarnish the name of Panama all in the name of FATCA, when in fact Panama is more transparent than many other so-called Tax haven territories.


    • I disagree, idiot..learn how the world works first n broaden ur horizon instead of chatting nonsense.


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