St. Lucian cruise ship employee arrested for alleged sexual assault

St. Lucian cruise ship employee arrested for alleged sexual assault
The Saint Lucian man being escorted by police.
The Saint Lucian man being escorted by police.
The Saint Lucian man being escorted by police.

A Saint Lucian national who is employed as a Disney Wonder crew member was arrested on sexual assault charges in Cadiz, Spain while the cruise ship was in dry dock in Navantia shipyard.

Cruise Centre reported that the incident took place on Saturday morning (Oct.15) on the ship ‘Rhapsody’, which serves as hotel for crew members and other workers during the dry dock.

The arrested crew member has been identified as a 28 -year-old male from Saint Lucia with initials JGL.

According to the victim’s statement, who is also working on Disney Wonder, there was a crew party on board the ship. After the party, she and JGL went in his cabin, where they had consensual sex, and spent the night together.

In the morning,however, JGL tried to convince the woman to have anal sex, which she refused. Nevertheless, JGL allegedly insisted and had penetrated the victim anally, causing her pain.

Cruise Centre said that after the sexual assault, the victim identified as a 27 year-old British national, didn’t want to report the incident at first, but finally did at around 9.a.m. by contacting Cadiz Police Department.

The police patrol moved to the scene and officers arrested the crew member and sent him to Provincial Commissioner of Cadiz, where he stayed overnight waiting to appear before the judicial authority.

The judge decided to send him to prison without bail, considering that the story of the woman offered no contradictions.

If found guilty, the Saint Lucian crew member, can be sentenced from one to three years imprisonment.



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  1. i dont know who he is but come on.. u were having sex he had anal sex with you during sex and you reported it as rape since it was painful? To all judging the guy i think this is ridiculous. so if my man spanks me during sex and it painful and i dont like it or said no then its assault right

    bullshit oh he shamed Lucians .. u ppl need to stfu thats not new on the cruise ships. i hope others learn and stop messing with others on the ship


    • @idgaf bout u.......Now you make me very angry. Did you read the carefully before you post your comment? Shame on you ,were you absent in elementary school when they were diagramming sentences in English class? Your comment tells me exactly who you are enabler.


  2. is ppl like u JGL dat spoiling others chances and putin shame on other and d island after drinkin d alcohol wat went through ur head y don't u shuffle a dildoe up ur ass NO IS NO she did gave u da sweetest part of it WASN'T IT????omg smfh can't believe u


  3. wow you all have convicted him even before his trial! my goodness. it appears that you all were present when this alleged incident took place! smh


  4. He will also be amongst Gypsies in jail. Good luck to him. One advantage is that he will speak some Spanish after 3 years. A tomar por el culo.


  5. J.G.L you loose your job, made international news and messed up your reputation all for breaking and entering a mobile septic tank?....that's a shitty thing you did.


  6. I would wait to see what happens. The Spanish judicial system is unlike ours where people are innocent until proven guilty. it is inquisitorial where the accused has to prove their innocence. There is a thin line between consensual and non consensual in such cases. It would be premature to label the guy as a news report is never really what unfolds in court.


  7. You get nice good vaginal sex and you still not satisfied? You force your way through the back door and now you in SH_T. Greedy dirty guy!


  8. He wants the best of both world. The front door was not enough for him to enter so he wanted his grand finale to be the back door. You idiot not everybody will comply with your bad habits,now it will cost you more than you bargain for because of these countries does not tolerate BS. No means no in Spanish, French, Patios, Creole,Mandarin etc. Under cover Mal Mama.


  9. So sad and shameful.
    Y had six wit her it was not enough.
    Now u in jail. not 4 P but 4 A
    Bring shame on u r family door step.


  10. What is it with St. Lucian men Headlining everyday with sexual
    scandal? is it something in the water or in the air we breath?
    Recently we had an ex female member of Parliament complaining
    how she was sexually compromised by another M.P. but no proof
    of that happening. The Jail is full of young men charged with sexual
    offences. Some of the victims are as young as ten; young girls
    as young as twelve being pregnant. What's going on? Is it due to
    the prevalence of narcotic drugs out there? God please help us.


  11. this is rampant on island so it was bond to happen off island too...........this needs to stop is no!......... it should not take international press coverage to force us to do something about this.


  12. really..too many bullars in disguise u already got the sex, smh..its people like you that tarnish our county name and spoil people chances


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