St. Lucian CPL cheerleaders score big at the CPL matches

St. Lucian CPL cheerleaders score big at the CPL matches
CPL cheerleaders
The CPL Cheerleaders during half time of the Saturday match Zouks vs Trinidad.

– The Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) ended collectively on a high in St Lucia. The St Lucian Zouks won their final match at home and the St Lucian recruitment of spirited local cheerleaders entertained the cricket fans over the three day play at the Beausejour Cricket Stadium (BCG).

The three cricket matches were exciting and the focus at the Beausejour Cricket Stadium (BCG) on July 31st, 2014 as well as August 2nd and 3rd. The twelve ladies selected to be cheerleaders on the St Lucian CPL squad came out spirited and ready to support their teams consisting of the St Lucian Zouks, Trinidad Red Steel, Antigua Hawksbills and Barbados Tridents.

Dancing to the latest soca music from St Lucia and the Caribbean, the young ladies under the direction of Rehanna Ramdhani out of Trinidad and Tobago, had a grand time two months earlier, choreographing seven dance routines for the young ladies. Young ladies from around the island showcased their talent and skill, picking up the choreography quickly and ultimately making their debut at the BCG.

Impressed with the ladies talent and the fact the cheerleaders were all from St Lucia, the fans at the stadium were very receptive to these bevy of beauties whose moves were both in-sync and captivating.

Digicel’s Public Relations and Communications Executive said “Digicel was happy to be a partner of The Limacol Caribbean Premier League for the second consecutive year which turned out to be the Biggest Party in Sport for St Lucia. The enthusiasm of the cheerleaders added and additional level of excitement to the games. They were all happy to be part of this experience and applaud the organizers for giving them this opportunity”.

Digicel was happy to be part of the process and looks forward to next year’s ladies who will make the squad.


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