St. Lucian convicted of sex crimes in the UK

St. Lucian convicted of sex crimes in the UK
A screenshot of Mathurin from the Guardian report.

(SNO) – A St. Lucian-born British man is reportedly serving three years in a United Kingdom (UK) prison for sex abuse crimes and his victims are not happy with his sentence.

The Wandsworth Guardian has reported that 62-year-old Bernard Mathurin of Maysoule Road (London, UK) was “convicted of five counts of indecent assault dating back more than 20 years”. The publication said Mathurin was sentenced to three years in prison on August 10, 2018, one month after he was found not guilty of another case of assault and rape.

One of his alleged victims wrote to St. Lucia News Online requesting that we republish and share the Guardian’s article on Facebook.

“I am one of the victims mentioned in this article and want to expose this predator to the wider community to prevent anyone else from becoming a victim. Bernard Mathurin who is commonly known as Malcolm is St Lucian born living in the U.K. since his teenage years. He still has strong ties to St Lucia and would probably be recognised by some of your followers. I would really appreciate your support with this,” she wrote.

“We will never get the justice that we deserve but I owe it to every woman and child out there to make sure this disgusting predator is exposed to prevent them from becoming victims too!!! Please feel free to SHARE!!” she wrote in a separate social media post.

According to the Guardian article, two of Mathurin’s victims are furious about the length of his sentence.

“I was deeply upset, knowing he would probably only serve 18 months – nine months,” one of the victims was quoted as saying in the Guardian report.

“He was a very, very sick man. I am very sure there are other victims. I only realised what he was doing was wrong when I did sex education in secondary school. My life would have been a whole lot better if I had not been abused,” the other victim is quoted as saying.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE GUARDIAN’S STORY: Sex abuse victims ‘furious’ over ‘sick’ man’s sentence

The Guardian report

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  1. Agreed with the lady, let the world know . Wsh more of the names of this abusers will be published so it will be known everywhere they go. Many of these people do these crimes and return to our home country and do the same to other children


  2. The Prison is not the place for rapists. The only punishment for such crime is to pull out the 'lolo- beff'
    and whip some asses. The first offence should be 25 lashes on the bare backside, with the Lolo-beff, and if
    there's a second offence, whip a second time next week; 3 times, repeat for a third time, each week, and
    again and again. I guarantee, this guy will soon get tired of it. Jail is not the place for this sicko, or gay guys.


  3. I reject the notion that people could continue sullying people's names after they have been convicted and punished for any crime. None of us know the circumstances so therefore we cannot take a position that the accused man deserved more punishment. The accuser knows the avenues available and extent to which she can seek damages or compensation for her alleged ordeal.

    Let me repeat that crime is crime and crime against women should NOT be considered as crimes worst than others. Who feels it knows it. Sex crimes should not be placed in another category just because they deal with sex. Murder is a crime which takes away someone else's life and we cannot equate anything else to it. Are we gonna put sex crimes in a higher category? So what happens when a woman is murdered then.

    The actions of people going over and beyond the law can have long lasting repercussions including violating human rights and defamation of other family members. In this case what does the writer hope to achieve by informing the accused family and St. Lucia as a whole? We should allow the law to do its work. We cannot complain to the UK of crimes committed within our jurisdiction by UK citizens. Why should we since we have laws and anybody who is found guilty of contravening these laws are subject to prescribed punishment under those laws. Our laws already provides for a sentence amounting to life imprisonment for rape and i am sure that of the UK is no different. Maybe the prosecutors aren't doing a good job.


    • i some way agree and also this thing happened so many years ago if it even happened. how do we know for sure she is not even lieing. women like to spoil mens reputation.


    • "Wam there" sorry but your comments have absolutely no merit

      Why are you referring to him as an "accused man"?

      That's part of our problem, some of us can read but don't understand or choose not to comprehend what we read.

      The man was convicted and serving his sentence how can anyone refer to him as an "accused man" is mind boggling!

      However not surprising.


  4. Since this behavior is not hereditary, I have to assume that said behavior was acquired in the British environment he grew up in. "Me too" find the punishment very lenient. Severity of punishments, usually vary depending on who the victims are.


    • Historically sexual abuse in St Lucia is something hidden and swept under the carpet, and perpetrators can become habituated to abuse because they will not be brought to justice. This is more likely to be ingrained behaviour rather as you suggest “acquired in the British environment he grew up in”.


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