St. Lucian Consul General to Canada appeals for donations

St. Lucian Consul General to Canada appeals for donations
Michael Willius
Consul General Michael Willius

Dear Friends and Nationals: Here’s wishing that you all had a Merry Christmas in light of the weather conditions which plagued us prior to Christmas Day.

You may have been following the recent unusual weather event that occurred bringing significant rainfall to Saint Lucia where many of our Saint Lucian brothers and sisters could not participate in the usual Christmas celebrations.

In several parts of the island, bridges collapsed or were compromised, and motorways were made impassible due to land slippage; electricity and water supply was disrupted and some communication lost.

The government of Saint Lucia has instructed our Foreign Missions to make a special appeal to assist our homeland by extending fraternal love, through charitable donation of:

●Non perishable food items
●Bed sheets and blankets
●Toiletries specifically but not limited to toothpaste, toilet paper, soap and sanitizers

This is by no means an exhaustive list and we expect that it will be modified as the information is received.

Facilities have been established whereby donations may be delivered to K.L.C. Freight Services Ltd Warehouse., 50 Tiffield Road, Unit 15, Scarborough, ON, telephone number 416 291 6733, and the Consulate General of Saint Lucia in Toronto.

We are also working on other donation drop off points and as these are established, further information will be sent.

The Consulate asks for your continued support in seeking relief for our island Saint Lucia.

Micheal Willius
Consul General


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  1. Sorry about that. lets try to put our heads togather and organzied a drope off place so all Lucians living in the USA/CANADA can donate nonperishable goods clothing ect ok later please pass on any info regarding peace.La bon lanay 2014 St. Lucia


  2. Listern people this is not the time or place for the bashing right now. Our island people are hurting now. Inste


  3. Yes I partially agree with the comment from the anonymous person above.
    I also want to add that a comprehensive analysis of the items that we need is not being made. It makes no sense to ask oher countries for things vy ti vy without taking into account the actual requirements of the victims.


  4. Willius, you need to better than than that. This appeal is weak and lacking in substance. It really amazes me, the calibre of persons we have holding key positions.


    • Anonymous why don't you proof read after writing your crap. You need to better than that. Poor English you wrote there.


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