St. Lucian charged for six bank robberies and three attempts on Long Island, New York

St. Lucian charged for six bank robberies and three attempts on Long Island, New York
Junior Ghirawoo before and after he was arrested.
Junior Ghirawoo before and after he was arrested.

The police and the media describe him as a “serial” bank robber.

A St. Lucian man was recently charged in connection with six bank robberies and three attempted bank robberies across Nassau County, a suburban county on the western side of Long Island in the U.S. state of New York, according to media reports.

Police said Junior Ghirawoo, 33, who has no known address in the U.S., was arrested on Friday, October 27 when he allegedly tried to rob a Chase Bank branch at 654 Franklin Ave. in Franklin Square at 12:30 p.m.

Police said Ghirawoo entered the bank, handed a demand note to a teller who managed to call over the bank security guard. The St. Lucian was then detained by the security guard until police arrived.

Reports are that no one was injured during the robbery attempt and there were no customers in the bank at the time.

He appeared in a First District Court in Hempstead on Saturday, October 28 where he was charged with six counts of third-degree robbery and three counts of third-degree attempted robbery.

Police said Ghirawoo committed the following robberies:

* Nov. 7, 2016, June 5 and Oct. 10, Chase Bank at 239-39 Linden Blvd. in Elmont
* July 3 and Oct. 7, Chase, 136 Fulton Ave. in Hempstead
* Sept. 7, Chase, 49 N. Franklin Ave. in Hempstead

Police said Ghirawoo also is a suspect in the following attempted robberies:

* Aug. 22, Chase, Fulton Avenue, Hempstead
* Oct. 10, Bank of America, 248 Post Ave. in Westbury.
* Oct. 27, Chase, 654 Franklin Ave. in Franklin Square.

According to Ghirawoo’s Facebook profile, he attended Entrepot Secondary School and list his place of employment as “Macy’s”.

Below is a news report published just over a week ago. Though it did not identify him as a St. Lucian, our newsroom has confirmed his connections to St. Lucia.


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  1. Mr.Ghirawoo is in love with Mr Baba, he found the love of his life in prison, and Mr. Ghirawoo and Mr. Baba are meant to be in love.
    The robbery was one way to bring him closer to Mr. Baba. True love always works out.


  2. At first i was judging this guy but after reading the comments from his pass classmates it seems like he did this to get treatment. Not saying what he did was right... but unless the shoe isnt in your feet or the situation isnt in your family you wont understand. Desperate times all for desperate measures.


  3. Aa jr u that do that eh class of 2002 ENtrepot. Was a basketball player sweet boy. WOW life can realy change

    Sure feels different when u know the bad guy in the news clip


  4. I had the pleasure of attending school with you in high school, it's sad that you've had to go through this on your own and take this route in life, but I know that this is not meant to be the end of the road for you, and that during those trying time that you would have an opportunity to revisit your pass and seek for a change in your life. You are forever in my prayers. I'm deeply sadden, but in the end no lives were taken or injured. Lucians' again, we don't know the circumstances around the young man situation, you don't know what lead the young man to seek such desperate actions, stop all the trash talks and go clean up the skeletons which are hidden in our closets. "Do unto others what you would have others to do unto you." Don't seek to bring down your fellow brothers and sisters in the drain, pray for one another, love another, lift one another in prayer and in conversations.


    • My point exactly.... im saddened by this..this is not the Jr I grew up thinking that brain tumor must have had a part to play in this act..this is craziness and doesn't seem like normal behavior. Don't be too quick to judge people... im sure they just going to slap all other unsolved bank robberies on him...smh. just saying. Im not justifying his actions but I need more facts to come to a conclusion. ..this just doesn't add up...#hithome


    • Yo. saying do unto others...well would u have liked someone to rob u of ur money? ?? Guess the answer is no huh. Despite circumstances, n there is another way out


      • He doesn’t physically rob another person. All of that money is insured. I’m not saying he was right but he didn’t go and rob a person just an financial institution


  5. I'm glad the police got this ...hole. St Lucians have no value. The women are prostitutes and the men are thieves, liars and murderers.


  6. Lucians in the States, Jamaicans in the UK, what a wonderful impression you people leave in these countries!


  7. This guy look more a Trinidadian than a lucian his surname don't sound lucian they right to catch his ass cause that's the bank I'm with voila


    • Hopefully he puts that money away. Whilst serving his time he should make investment plans and educated himself on the law, business and currency so when he gets out he can blow up on y’all broke dumb asses. What will y’all say then?
      Life is like a roller coaster, u down today u up tomorrow. All wealthy people started by robbing other people’s valuables some committed mass murders in order to get it done, and then passed it down through their generations.
      To all y’all cowards and mental slaves bashing his actions y’all should realize that he wasn’t charged with possession of a weapon nor causing harm to anybody at any of these robberies. Be better judges of character cuz circumstances make man do certain things.