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St. Lucian brothers arrested in Martinique murder probe

By Horace Cunningham

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black-man-arrestedTwo St. Lucians are the main suspects in a murder which occurred in Martinique on Christmas Eve.

The motive for the shooting is believed to be money that was owed among the two St. Lucians and the deceased.

One of the brothers surrendered on Christmas Day while the other was arrested later.

It is not known if the brother who turned himself in was involved in the capture of the other alleged perpetrator.

The deceased, identified as Sebastien Goujon, was shot in the stomach and died at hospital.


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  1. If it was one of your family members sure not that you would say stupid comment.

  2. Very annoyed Lucian living abroad

    Who is this ignorant person. Who said eye for an eye was the proper way to deal with things. About they should kill them. Also why categorise everyone to be the same.i have lived overseas 25 years and never ever had one incident with the police. So y the hostile behaviour to Lucians. Every country has their own criminals remember that. Yes it reflects badly on the country but that statement should be retracted.

  3. How do you condemn all St.lucians, i have been in the U.S for thirty two years, and never have i ever commited a crime, nor have i been arrested.Please you may not be a St.Lucian for you to say such a thing.SMH.....

  4. I am telling you that is all St Lucians do when they go abroad is to kill the people. Oh well the Martinique Jail will fix them.

    Happy they get caught. They should kill them too and that will be two Less criminals in st lucia.


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