St. Lucian boxers end participation at CAC Games qualifiers in Columbia winless

St. Lucian boxers end participation at CAC Games qualifiers in Columbia winless

St. Lucia’s three boxers participating at the CAC Games Boxing qualifiers in Bogota Colombia ended their participation last evening as the two boxers from St. Lucia who were in the ring last evening came out winless however it was generally felt that one of them had dominated his bout enough to come out with a win but it was not to be.

56kg Bantamweight Travis Maynard was first in the ring last night, and he could be feeling very very very disappointed this morning as he fought an excellent bout against his opponent from Haiti Pierre Marie Phillisien and in the opinion of many on hand had done enough to win the fight however the judges called it differently giving the Haitian a split decision victory 2-1.

Several persons on hand came to the St. Lucian contingent expressing disgust at the decision and saying that in their opinion Maynard had clearly won the bout.

The St. Lucian contingent could not have lodged a protest against the decision in that bout as it was not fully equipped with what was needed to lodge a protest at the time.

The other St. Lucian boxer on the card last evening Miguel Auguste lost in the first round of his 75kg middleweight contest when the referee stopped the contest. Auguste looked winded and unable to cope with the conditions and could not put up a fight against his opponent from Venezuela Saveedra Engry. ST.Lucia’s third boxer at the qualifiers Dalton” the hurricane” George had lost on the opening night of action.

St. Lucian Coach Conrad Fredericks was extremely disappointed last evening that Travis Maynard had not won his bout in the opinion of the judges as he felt Maynard had worked extremely hard in preparing for the bout and had a quality bout doing everything right to win the fight. He added that he was satisfied with the performance of the three boxers despite not winning and having to deal with bitterly cold conditions they were not accustomed too.

All is not lost for the St. Lucians as it is expected that when the final qualifiers are announced for the games Dalton “The Hurricane “ George and Miguel Auguste are expected to be named in the final list as they were among the numbers in their various weight categories which were to be chosen for qualification for the CAC Games in Veracruz Mexico being held in November.

The qualifiers continue till Friday evening and the ST.Lucian contingent is expected home next Monday afternoon.


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