St. Lucian beats deportation in Grenada (see video)

St. Lucian beats deportation in Grenada (see video)

conchonA deportation application against a St. Lucian woman charged in connection with fraudulent activities in Grenada has been dismissed by that country’s court system, according to media reports.

On Wednesday, a Grenada Magistrate’s Court ruled against deporting 22-year-old Kishael Conchon, who was arrested during a police operation on March 13, 2017, after a quantity of fake ATM cards, MoneyGram and Western Union transfer receipts, along with other items, were found in her possession.

Conchon, who reportedly resides in Grand Anse, St. George’s, Grenada, was charged with three counts of money laundering, two counts of attempt to commit a crime, to wit fraud by false pretense and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Her attorney Derick Sylvester told GBN Television in Grenada on Thursday that Conchon had pleaded guilty to three charges: fraud by false pretense, conspiracy to commit an offense and attempt to commit an offense.

Sylvester said each fined totalled $10,000, which she paid.

He went on to explain that the application for deportation against his client failed because it did not meet the requirements of section 4 (1) of the Immigration Act.

In the video below, Sylvester spoke to GBN about the grounds for the ruling.


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  1. Grenada should put Grenadians first they seem to have a problem. Helping out their own people in a jam this look bad on them. Fake money take passport all wrong..


  2. I hope when a caribbean national does a similiar crime in St.Lucia we don't cry for them to deported back to their original country.Cause that would be very hypocritical


  3. She had a good lawyer. Grenada us out of order to want to punish her, then disgrace her by deportation. These islands are small and the communities are interwoven and interrelated. As an OECS member it should not stoop so low to do this to a fellow-islander. This decision to prosecute and deport was paranoid, xenophobic & insular. It runs against the spirit of togetherness existing in the Caribbean waters


    • Grenada need to be tough on crime , because sooner or later it will be drugs. My question is if she had committed that same crime in the USA the same punishment will apply. She should commit her crime in her country, go Grenada be a leader in the carbbean and it will not come like Trinidad or Jamaica


  4. ....she won deportation case??? what about the fraud ehh??? people working hard for their money for it to be taken away with a touch of a button...


    • and she paid the fines with stolen monies, smfh. the news here states as if she is a hero for winning the deportation matter. smfh. corrupt society.


  5. What's wrong with her last name? It's pronounce as con shon ......smh small of uall are so small minded


  6. She looks very familiar(big eye girl) if she went to vFort comprehensive compus B she's the one very shocking smh.


  7. Leave her in Grenada. When she was worth a dime you all kept her now she is worth fivecents you don't want her


    • Am 100per cent grenadian,send her back we do not want any more shit people in our country,rembering that lady from Jamaica involving herself with our political members.our lovely island is not a place to breed criminals,out I say.and stop these people coming to our christian catholic etc religion wareing ugly mask on their dam face,we are not a muslim island etc.we Grenadians overseas feal very very strongly about that.we cannot ware mask when playing carnival so why is our goverment lettling foreigners ware them??????we welcome everyone all over the world but we want to see your smile and face not a dam mask.we do not have terrorists in the Caribbean and do not want them,and am not saying the people I have seen there resently are but take off your mask.reply back I dear you we are wateing.god bless our beautiful Grenada and our beautiful love from one of many concernd prod Grenadians.


  8. Deport her freaking ass because if it was a Grenadian in St Lucia they would put them in jail and then deport them


  9. We all have dirty closets.don't condemned.if she deserves grace why take it away from her.
    We need to remove the mote in our eyes first before we condemn her. If the law say she is forgiven and has not reach the criteria of deportation why u with no sins all perfect wants to deport her.
    Hope when ur turn comes along u get a faithful verdict.


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