St. Lucian basketball player living his dream

St. Lucian basketball player living his dream
Trent Williams
Trent Williams

Basketball talent and proud St. Lucian Trent Williams has certainly come a long way in just four years.

Last Sunday, the 17-year-old made his full competitive debut for English basketball side Worthing Thunder in their 101-68 win in the National Cup over the Worcester Wolves.

Worthing Thunder competes in the National Basketball League in England, the tier below the British Basketball League, which is the country’s top division.

“I have dreamt of walking on that court under the lights to a home crowd and I can’t believe that I achieved it at 17,” Williams said.

Williams’ progression to the senior ranks from the junior level has been rapid, but one that Williams has benefited greatly from. He began his junior stint with the Worthing Thunder under-15 side at the age of 13.

With Williams’ basketball IQ quickly improving, the youngster earned a place into the under-16 squad and at the age of 16, he started his journey with the under-18’s and is currently in his second year with the junior side.

Williams began training with the senior side a month ago and has impressed Worthing Thunder’s head coach Daniel Hildreth enough to give him a spot in the main roster.

For coach Hildreth, a former Worthing Thunder player himself, he sees Williams everyday as the St. Lucian is studying at Angmering College and also attends his basketball academy there.

But for Williams, suiting up for the Worthing senior side is what he has always wanted to do, and is truly grateful for the opportunity.

“Worthing Thunder has given me the opportunity and experience to develop as a basketball player,” Williams said.

“I’ve come up through their junior program and am now enjoying the benefits of being asked to kit up for the men.”

Williams though is proud of his roots and is delighted to represent St. Lucia as he embarks in the latest chapter of his basketball odyssey.

“Whilst I am enjoying an education in the UK, a huge part of my heart is always home on the shores of beautiful St. Lucia,” Williams commented.

“I look forward to the day I can show the world the motivation, drive and perseverance of St. Lucians and put my family’s home of Mome Du Don on the map.”

MORE ABOUT TRENT WILLIAMS (submitted by his parent)

Trent was born in Tapion Hospital July 1997, one of the first babies to be born there. His family come from Morne Du Don and I have gone to great lengths over the years to ensure he understands his roots, culture and is a part of everyday family life.

Trent regularly comes home to St Lucia and enjoys time with his cousins, uncles, aunties, god parents and grandparents. In fact if you look on the wall in Yardie’s bar in Morne Du Don you will find pictures of Trent on the wall, as a baby. He also has a lovely relationship with his older half brother, mainly through their joint love of basketball and that sibling rivalry generally raises its head, on courts in the North; whilst everyone else has given up and gone home, it’s raining and the light is fading – those two are still fighting it out!

Trent may have enjoyed an education and upbringing in the UK, but in his heart, he is a St Lucian through and through; always flying the flag. His laid back attitude to life, allows a lot of life’s harshness to go over his head; but his determination, passion, fight and awesome ability to wholeheartedly laugh every day, is paramount to his St Lucian blood.

Basketball has always kept him in education and he is making real strides in this field. At just 17 he has walked onto the Division 1 Men’s court and received over 4 minutes court time. In that time he stole the ball and gained an assist. This is clearly just the beginning for Trent who is looking at his options next year to play basketball and attend British University or to gain a place in US college basketball. But for Trent his pipe dream is to play basketball on the international stage for St Lucia.

Having lived and worked in St Lucia married to his father, for 12 years prior to Trent’s arrival, it’s always been important to me for him to do something positive with his heritage and make his grandmother proud. On that note I sincerely hope you would give him some coverage in St Lucia and print his story. If nothing else it would categorically make his Grandmother’s day.


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  1. Good positive story, thanks SNO.

    Look at the number he plays, keep up the positive, hard work and you shall truly reach #1.


  2. That's it young man show the world we got it....the scouts are out there watching....keep on going, i'm proud of you.


  3. this brother is a living example for us to embrace,as he break down the wall setting the stage for the future generation.keeping on striving my brother .wish you all the best.JAH LIVE.


  4. Trent you make me proud to be a St. Lucian young man. Aim high the sky is the limit great job. That's What I am talking about.


  5. I am proud to call you brother because you're so patriotic to our mother Helen, wish everyone who left Her shores kept the fires of Qualibou burning like you. Good luck bro!


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