St. Lucian author Arnold Henry sending hope to Ugandan orphans

St. Lucian author Arnold Henry sending hope to Ugandan orphans
Ugandan children saying thank you to Arnold Henry

By Arnold Henry
At the beginning of the month, I donated 100% of my July book sales to an orphanage, located in Kampala, Uganda.

A week later, I received this beautiful picture, expressing their gratitude. There’s also a heartfelt video posted on my Instagram.

‘Send Hope Uganda’ is a not-for-profit organisation catering for up to 16 children with food, shelter and education. From what I was told, the donation will help to cover the costs of food for a few weeks and to pay for their education.

I share this journey with you because it wouldn’t be possible without your support. One of my biggest goals in becoming a successful children’s author is to give back more than I receive. I’m super grateful for having the support that I need where I can help change the lives of some children.

With my latest children’s book, Patiently Waiting for Hope, I have even more big plans in bringing hope to the less fortunate. The pandemic had slowed me down but it never stopped me. Stay tuned.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for your continuous support on my journey. For more information on ‘Send Hope Uganda, visit:


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