St. Lucian attorney asked to resign from job in St. Vincent

St. Lucian attorney asked to resign from job in St. Vincent
Tamara Marks-Gibson.
Tamara Marks-Gibson.

Attorney-at-law Tamara Gibson-Marks of St. Lucia was asked to resign her job as registrar of the St. Vincent High Court by that country’s attorney general.

Gibson-Marks who has been in that position since 2008, left the post last Wednesday, due to a request from Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan, I-Witness News – an online news publication of St. Vincent and the Grenadines reported.

However, the media is unclear about the circumstances leading to that development.

Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves told I-Witness News on Monday, May 26 that the AG, police commissioner and director of audit are looking into the resignation of Gibson-Marks.

“I believe that from the issue which have arisen, that it was considered by the Honourable Attorney General that all these agencies would be involved,” Gonsalves informed I-Witness News.

Although he said his attorney general informed him of the matter last Thursday following a meeting with Gibson-Marks, he said he was not at liberty to speak about the content of that meeting as reported to him by the AG.

Gonsalves, also the minister of legal affairs, said he had not seen a letter of resignation.

“I have been advised that the attorney general requested a meeting with her (Marks), and as a consequence of that meeting, the attorney general ether requested or demanded — I wasn’t present — her resignation.

The registrar is appointed by the Judicial Legal Services Commission. Someone has been appointed to act as registrar at the St. Vincent high Court.

Gibson-Marks is the wife of attorney Ronald “Ronnie” Marks – a former senator in Gonsalves Unity Labour Party administration.

She is the artistic and production director of a St. Lucian Carnival promotion company called Red Unlimited. According to Red International’s website, she often visits St. Lucia during the Carnival season.



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  1. Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has urged patience as state authorities investigate former registrar of the High Court Tamara Gibson-Marks, who Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan asked to resign on May 21 during a 30-minute meeting.

    Jones-Morgan has also filed an application for Gibson-Marks to show cause why she should not be suspended or barred from practising law in St. Vincent

    “That is a very significant development. That process will be managed by the Attorney General and the law courts in the normal way that any of these proceedings are carried out,” Gonsalves told a press conference on Monday.

    Gibson-Marks, who was born in St. Lucia, is wife of lawyer Ronald “Ronnie” Marks, a former senator for the Gonsalves-led Unity Labour Party.

    Gibson-Marks left St. Vincent for St. Lucia 90 minutes after the meeting with the Attorney General, Gonsalves told the media on Monday.

    Sources have said that investigators have found that some EC$300,000 from an account that Gibson-Marks held in trust, is unaccounted for.

    Leader of the opposition Arnhim Eustace has written to Gonsalves asking questions about Gibson-Marks’ actions.

    Gonsalves noted at the press conference that the Director of Audit, Commissioner of Police, and Attorney General are involved in the investigation of Gibson-Marks.

    The Attorney General has told him that she has briefed the office of Director of Public Prosecutions, Gonsalves said.

    He, however, said that Eustace asked a lot of specific questions.

    “Now, it will be wholly improper for me, even if I have that information, to speak about it. The relevant authorities will address those matters,” he said, adding that the Attorney General has submitted an affidavit in court supporting the application for disbarment, and the acting registrar has done the same.

    “Well wait until those matters are being ventilated inside of the court. You will get your answers,” Gonsalves said.

    The Attorney General has successfully applied to the court to have her claim against Gibson-Marks sealed, meaning that the public cannot access the documents.

    Gonsalves said he has taken a decision not to speak on any fact or alleged facts in the case, “because it may prejudice a fair trial of the proceeding”.

    He said he could say that the three offices of the state are involved in the investigation, and are considering appropriate action.


  2. I know the story is true about Tamara, however I am a mother of children and I will not want to bring her down. Please let the judicial system do their job. Mothers don't pull down anyone's children. We just do not know what our children get involve with. Tamara my prayers are with you and your family. Am speaking as a true Vincentian but most of all as a MOTHER.


  3. Marks is the wife of prominent lawyer, Ronald “Ronnie” Marks, a former senator in Gonsalves Unity Labour Party administration


  4. To all who claiming that it isn't confirmed . Check again it is confirm. So lesson learn don't put y'all hand in fir for things you don't know. She's a their . She it's dam teefDon't care is she from high class or low class.


  5. People we are always quick to take something that is not conclusive and cast judgement. How have we gotten all the way to the dress code of the young lady. We have no proof., nothing has been confirmed. Let us not be quick to judge. Talking about her dress is because it did something to the view expressers SO BACK OFF THE YOUNG LADY. May God give her and her family the strength to deal with the court of public unjustice


  6. No one is above the law, but to those who are being judge and jury I hope there are no skeletons in your closets.


  7. I am not sure what the comment "even Saint Vincent takes their internal affairs more seriously than those we elect to lead us" is supposed to mean, since Vincentians have been known to take its internal affairs very seriously for as long as I've known myself. In Saint Vincent supposedly "judicial killings" by police are investigated and charges are laid against police. When I was a young girl, two attorney generals resigned amidst public outcry over what the public saw as unethical if not illegal actions.
    These are a few examples among the many that I know of.

    With regard to the matter concerning Mrs. Marks, I'm an attorney and I worked at that same Registry. Before we start judging, let the authorities investigate and come to their conclusions. In life we are all liable to mistakes. When we make them we should own up, take responsibility and endeavour to not make those same mistakes again. We as humans are also entitled to speak out against immoral and illegal actions. However, we are not entitled to judge because we are not without sin and can't cast the proverbial "first stone".

    I am sure this is an embarrassing situation for her and her family and has caused a high degree of stress and anguish for her. Let's not kick our sister when she's down.

    If the investigations indicate that there is wrongdoing, she will answer to it in the place where it is relevant and a jury of her peers will judge her if it comes to that. She will face the consequences of her actions. That is one of the hard lessons we all have to learn in life. As we say in Saint Vincent: "Moon does run until daylight catch him".


  8. Therefor I am happy she has been caught in the act of stealing cause if she cud afford the life and she was all what she was why steal the peoples money. Bringing shame to our island. St Vincent gave you a job and that's the best she cud of done.and to cover the bull we say it's still under investigation we don't know if it's true. My dear people there is no smoke with out fire.


  9. she was a judicial officer ...Obviously she can afford the better things in life... However, this is not the issue at hand . Nothing here says she was found guilty of anything. Shes ws the registrar so shes held liable thats all.


    • Are you serious? so because someone holds a position which pays well means they are not likely to steal? I will have you know that the more higher up you go the greater the likely hood of corruption. A registrar cannot simply be held liable for sums stolen within the entity, if so many other ministers and individuals would have fallen victim to the axe as well. She simply got caught. Red handed.


  10. I am not surprised The way she lived it was like she was a millionaire. Traveling constantly, designer clothing. She got addicted to the lifestyle


    • This says nothing because some gets comfortable or fell into a life that affords them certain pleasures does not make them bad. If you were given the opportunity ti live well most likely you would jump at it.


  11. Yes, st. vincent did the right thing, time
    st. lucia do the same, too much corruption over here we did to do the same, most times you find the public embrace wrong doings and when trying to make it right one becomes the problem not to other. instead we embrace the right doings


  12. I have been advised that the Attorney General requested a meeting with her (Marks), and as a consequence of that meeting, the Attorney General ether requested or demanded — I wasn’t present — her resignation.

    “The Honourable Attorney General spoke to me about the meeting which she had, but I am not at liberty to speak about the content of what the Attorney General told me about that meeting,” Gonsalves further said.

    Source in the know have said that funds are unaccounted for at The Registry, and when asked about this, Gonsalves said:

    “What I can say is this: I know that three important offices of the state are engaged in the matter actively — the Director of Audit, the Commissioner of Police, and the Honourable Attorney General.”

    Asked if this was some sort of inquiry or investigation, the Prime Minister said, “I believe that from the issue which have arisen, that it was considered by the Honourable Attorney General that all these agencies would be involved.”

    Marks is the wife of prominent lawyer, Ronald “Ronnie” Marks, a former senator in Gonsalves Unity Labour Party administration.

    Asked to comment on this, Gonsalves said, “The point about it is this, Mrs. Marks is a judicial officer, Mrs. Marks has resigned, there are three important offices of the state — the Honourable Attorney General’s office, the Office of the Commissioner of Police, and the Director of Audit — are actively engaged in certain matters and I believe in giving the institutions of the state an opportunity to do their work in the swiftest possible way and to do their work efficaciously and I expect that there are other authorities who would be engaged by the Honourable Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police.

    “… the important thing is that as soon as a particular report was made to the honourable Attorney General, she acted expeditiously.”

    Mrs. Marks took up her position around 2008.

    Gonsalves said that the Attorney General has informed him that someone is acting as Registrar, and the Attorney General is making all the necessary arrangement to have continuity.

    He further said that the Attorney General has informed the Chief Justice of the development.

    Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace earlier Monday called on the government to issue a statement about Marks’ resignation.

    “It is a very sensitive post, it has to do with our courts and it should be in everybody’s mind what the situation really is,” Eustace said on his radio programme.

    “I don’t want to speculate, I believe it is the responsibility of the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and specifically the Prime Minister, in his capacity as Minister of Legal Affairs, to say to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines what in fact happened,” he said.

    “We are all hearing about a resignation with immediate effect and we wish confirmation of that and the reasons for that.”

    The Registrar is appointed by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, which is chaired by the Chief Justice.

    ADMIN: Pleae cite your source in the future.


  13. she will return to st. Lucia and the Gov't will welcome her with open arms, give her that big job somewhere. after all she is one of "them"


  14. While the cause of the resignation is sketchy at best I understand why Mdme Attorney General would want to have her resign. It is time that public officials in those islands are made to be accountable for their actions or inactions and their corruption. Even so they should all have to answer beofre the courts and that includes politicians but guess what. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN


  15. I love it when wrong doers get found out and punished. Well done St Vincent - set the example.


  16. Of course you will welcome her back. Not even caring what she may have been involved in. Did you hear about the Director of Audit was involved what issue comes to mind? St. lucia is a land where there is an indifference to corruption. This is exactly what the past Commissioner of a Corruption Enquiry said. There is tarcit endorsement of corruption by citizens. This is why it is reflected in the politicians who represent us today. Has anybody question why it is so hard to get investors to our country? The Russians who invited here what happened to them? Were they scared away by a presumptious extortionist posture of our leaders? If presumptions are wrong then Find out why.

    Did you know there is a fraud case going on in London on an alleged case involving a development in the South of the the Island and a company named Bau Panel. The Minister of Housing is mentioned in this suit which involves the confiscation by police of a laptop computer about a year ago? Why hasn't the media investigated this? TOO SCARED??? DO WHATS RIGHT. JUST FOR THE PEOPLE'S SAKE.


  17. Even Saint Vincent, takes their internal affairs more seriously than those we elect to lead us into this "utopian" land of prosperity for us all Saint Lucian.
    And trust me, this day will never come.

    We have an inferior complex about us. We see it in those we elect. Listen carefully to their verbatim and you will hear all them referencing every island in the Caribbean.
    I can recall a certain minister referenced Barbados as the "mighy Barbados," in one of his speeches in the "House"
    Hence, Barbados insulted our tourism product and they sat with embarrassment and couldn't say a thing.



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