St. Lucian artists perform creative talents in Martinique

St. Lucian artists perform creative talents in Martinique
Ricky T will be among the semi-finalists.
Ricky T among the many St. Lucian artists who perform in Martinique.

In observance of National Day celebrations 2012, the Consulate of Saint Lucia in Martinique announced the launch of an innovative programme allowing local artists to exchange their creative talents.

This programme is designed to promote creative exchange between Martinique and Saint Lucia, stimulating a new generation of musical ambassadors.

President of the Saint Lucia-Martinique Association, Evestus Augustine, welcomed the initiative and its tremendous contribution to the creative industries.

“With most cultural exchange, it affords an opportunity from the political point, we are showing our best foot forward, e.g. in Martinique, we have some negatives and abnormalities with crime, etc. We coming up and demonstrating who we are as a people with pride and dignity, it enhances the relationship. Therefore, Saint Lucia is not seen as a negative factor in a community, and contributing positively.”

Augustine, also highlighted this unique collaboration as one to enhance the mutual understanding among the two countries.

“We can look at all dimensions but the most important thing is that we are building trust and partnership. Martinique is a very large market and I believe if we put our best foot forward and demonstrate who we are, the talents that we have, then we as ambassadors can continue to have that flag flying high with pride and dignity. It can only accrue to the benefit of Saint Lucia and the investment that the government is doing.”

Many Saint Lucian artists, including Ricky T, Mongsta, Trish, Ambi, to name a few, travelled to Martinique to perform their music in concert.

The artists were offered the opportunity to gain maximum exposure as well as expanding the market for Saint Lucia talent, music and culture.

The team left on Friday, last week.


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