St. Lucian artiste with an incredible story and vision

St. Lucian artiste with an incredible story and vision


PRESS RELEASE – Mr. Kirk Peter alias Oscar was the first in his family to attend university. He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with the National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF) in St. Lucia.

His humility and calmness alike to the late legend rapper Tupac Shakur, the new kid on the block shares with his listeners an authentic touching life story in his music, that of his own. Oscar is an eccentric, conscientious individual who has always had an optimistic outlook on life and is now starting to see the silver lining that lies beyond all his dark clouds.

With the absence of a father figure in his life, Oscar from an early age learnt to put his trust in God and has practiced placing him first in his life. He describes his life’s’ journey as an enlightening one. Taking the time to evaluate each step as he moves closer towards his goals.

The fresh rap talent has been able to develop a rapping style and deliver his lyrics in such a way that allows his listeners a clear insight of the life. Oscar aims to share with his fans the hardships of a life he has truly lived, the many vital lessons he has learnt along the way, his opinion of the things happening around him and the ways he plans to initiate a change.

Oscar’s first attempt to perform was in high school, having been introduced to music by his grandfather who played the banjo and sang calypso. Today, he has had the opportunity to perform alongside regional and internationally renowned artistes such as Gyptian and Wyclef Jean. Some of his favorite musical influences are Jay Z, J.Cole, Nas, Joey Badass and Tupac.

Oscar’s passion for music grew deeper, deciding and made a strategic move to the United States to study the music industry and build reciprocity with Disc jockeys, Producers and industry executives.

Having been raised as an only child in a single parent household, Oscar learned to let life be his greatest teacher. Embracing the difficulties he endured as a youngster growing up in the slums in very humble beginnings. Oscar tells the story of his upbringing and shares his testimony of faith in God for brighter days. The young rapper throughout his life kept his spirits up and despite whatever he was faced with, remaining humble and exercising a faith that has never yet let him down.

His music is different to any of that heard in today’s rap. His profound account of his journey will have any listener moved and inspired. Oscar has achieved to inculcate in his long-term plans a sense of social responsibility to assist in the rebuilding of his community, New Village, Castries. He stated that it was one of his goals is to be able to provide low-income housing to families in need of better accommodation in his hometown. As the young Oscar strives for excellence, part of his plan in his short-term goals is to become bilingual and travel the world once the opportunity is given.

Mr. Mustaphar M Felicien, Mr. Jonathan J Fulgence and Ms. Kishma Louis have teamed up with Oscar to share the common vision of taking the music industry by storm. Oscar is presently signed to his own record label Da Vineyard Entertainment Inc. He is nearing the completion of his first album, which will be released before the end of this year titled Streetside Intellect. On this album Oscar made collaborations with two legends; Dionne Warwick on a song called Speaker of the House and Gregory Chambord from True Tones on a track called Trolley Dolly.

One of Oscar’s favorite releases, ‘Another Day’ was written in a spur of the moment. It was one of the songs that was written by him through the spirit. Oscar’s versatility and unique flow is evident in each song produced on his album. His husky, calm signature vocal is easily distinguishable.

Once Oscar launches his first album the phoenix will soar from the ashes.


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  1. Please,respect my oppinion.Who doesnt know what they are about? Am speaking the truth in terms of thee oppression among ourselves to prosper educationally in St.Lucia. And,its not a question of travelling oversees to get a degree. What am saying is that,we are fighting each other down until they have left the country and done very well oversees. Then these same people whom we have fought against are coming back to our shores with higher forms of educational skills.While,this hypocritical sweet recognising flares up towards those who were let down in their own country. Theres a record of such treatments in this country as i speak. For example Dr.Winston Paris who went through rejection in St.Lucia until he left for America and created a name for himself as a brilliant pain specialist. Now,we are proud of Winston of Paris as an accomplished doctor. So try and understand what am saying.


  2. Blah,blah,blah. Lucians you are very hypocritical when it comes to those who couldnt create an opportunity for themselves in their own country. But,as soon as they went oversees and gain an achievement for themselves,all kind of sweet talking are directed at these same people who were oppressed and let down in their own country. Until you dont go foreign and achieved something, no one in your own country St.lucia doesnt recognised you. True or false?


    • you...I MUST SAY THAT U DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT ...ST LUCIA is ours and we need to encourage our people who can go away and make a name for themselves....try this also and i will encourage of luck if u are willing to try


  3. kirk congrats...hope that things work out well for you always thank your mom and never ever forget her through your journey..again here is wishing you the very best


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