St Lucian arrests for COVID – Really? (commentary by Carol Ann Joseph)

St Lucian arrests for COVID – Really? (commentary by Carol Ann Joseph)

I find it quite disturbing that St Lucia is supporting arrests for Covid at this time. Considering St Lucia has 100% Covid recovery (probably because they don’t have 5G), arresting people is a bit over the top. I live in a country with over 14million and we are not arresting people – because it’s ridiculous! What a complete waste of resources, an abuse of power and a complete over-reaction!

People are losing their livelihoods, are under extreme mental health pressures and financial pressures, but at least the beauty of it all is they can take a walk to the beach to ease our minds and enjoy the beautiful creation! What I would like to know is, what is being done to help people who are struggling? Are they being cared for? What has the government put in place to help financially and to provide food and education for our children? People need to be trusted – as long as they are away from strangers and not outside their immediate circles, why the panic!

Why are the government not paying teachers? That is CRIMINAL but they are not being arrested! The government should not be interfering with staff wages AT ALL and that should have been ringfenced, like other countries do! If they are not paying staff because they have no money, that’s even worse because it means someone is not working out the figures correctly or money is being used in ways it shouldn’t. I have heard stories (true) of the government not even giving people their tax rebates! What a disgrace! That’s white-collar theft if I ever saw it – have they been arrested?

St Lucia is REACTING to this virus and not RESPONDING! Behaving how they THINK they should to impress the Western world! Most black countries have not been affected badly – why? Because we’re not creating the wickedness that the controlling countries are. But they will send it to you in the form of a vaccine, just to make sure our people don’t get away! Surely, if blacks were reading their OWN history, we wouldn’t be displaying this ‘masser’ attitudes and suck up everything the controlling countries throw at us! We are behaving like slaves when we are free – but China will enslave us if we are not careful because they already own too much of St Lucia! China is over-populated and needs countries to fall into, so, little St Lucia, full of blacks they don’t even like will do! Are St Lucians really this blind? Surely not?!

From my observations, the St Lucian police are not real police! These same police who are arresting people can also TALK to people, like our police do! Encourage them to go home by giving them information and being kind in this stressful time – don’t add to it! We are heading for a police state and St Lucia seems to just follow and go overboard with their decisions! Countries are gradually easing up – and they had huge amounts of deaths, but their governments did not disrespect their people by arresting them! How ridiculous!

I love St Lucia but the government is a farce and by this time next year the Chinese will own our country because the Government have sold off the family silver, drowned us in debt and don’t give a damn about the people they are SUPPOSED to represent. In St Lucia, if you don’t have money or know the right people – you don’t stand a chance! It’s time for us to get out of this slave mentality which has plagued us for years! Support your own people! Whether they are from country or town, educated or not educated, fair skinned or dark skinned, we have allowed colonialism to make a mockery of a beautiful country which could and should be, so much more! We don’t need Obia, we need God! With God, maybe we will be reminded of the basic God-given values to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. If this is already being practised, there are obviously many people who don’t really care about or love themselves! y


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  1. I am very disappointed with SNO that they allow the printing of an article to hint that St. Lucia has 100% Covid recovery, maybe because we dont have 5G. First, there are lots of inaccuracies in this article and I cannot address them all. I want to address the 5G issue because it is a bit of fake news that is affecting many individuals. 5G did not cause Covid-19, it has not correlation whatsoever. St. Lucia has 100% recovery rate due to a lot of hard work and sacrifice by the medical profession and government of St. Lucia. There are many countries in the world without 5G but which have had thousands of deaths e.g. Iran. Carol please look it up. Imagine, at the beginning, many people were saying that black people could not get Covid-19.
    Secondly, it is true that many African countries have not been badly affected by the virus. But this is because of the lack of travel links to the affected countries. It has nothing to do with "black countries" not creating wickedness. Two countries with significant black populations, Brazil and USA are badly affected and in these countries (and also in the UK), black people have been disproportionately impacted with them dying in larger numbers compared to the rest of the population.
    Other points - the government of St. Lucia does have programmes to support those who have lost their jobs as a result of the virus.
    The government is paying teachers but has proposed paying them with government bonds (percentage based on earnings).
    The police have arrested people who have broke the lockdown regulations and it has happened in other countries in the world too.


  2. Oh Carol, what a strange person you are with some strange views. How's your mate Kenny by the way?
    5G?? Really. Been drinking the Kool Aid?


  3. I support your comments 100%. There is SO MUCH FEAR in St. Lucia, that EVERYONE is now BLIND. Please see this video:


  4. You are the dumbest idiot I've ever come across in a long time,where ever you hiding get the hell out and be realistic. Take you anger and frustration somewhere else not on the Government that is trying very hard to protect us from a death sentence. You bloody hack go suck some red rum and see you next year.


    • How sad "My My My", the fact that my name is up, I am certainly not hiding! If these are your best words for response and the best way you can justify your apparent "anger and frustration..", and if you feel it's ok not to pay teachers, just because.., and it's ok to bury St Lucia in debt, and it's ok to sell off prime land for $1 to non-Lucians but you don't have money to pay the people working for you to educate your children...…..? then it's no surprise St Lucia is where it is. Have a blessed day! 🙂


    • Well said MY MY MY, person do not adhere the government is looking out for its’ citizens this is a pandemic the whole world is infected with this virus. We need to look out for each other do Saint Lucia have enough beds and icu’s to treat the infected?


      • Take matters into your own hands. Hire Foster and sue the government for violating the constitutional rights of Saint Lucians. Talk is cheap-lawsuit is not!


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