St. Lucian ambulance attendant arrives at murder scene, finds out person shot dead was his sister

St. Lucian ambulance attendant arrives at murder scene, finds out person shot dead was his sister

2016-10-27 12_18_53-Add New Post ‹ St. Lucia News Online — WordPressThe tragic revelation of the shooting death of Verna Augustin was made in a rather unexpected way to one of her siblings who worked as an ambulance attendant.

The sibling, Augustin’s brother Ian Felix, only found out that his sister was the one who got shot when his unit responded to a call to provide emergency response at the scene of the shooting.

Upon arriving at the scene Felix got a shock no one should have to go through, he saw his sister lying on her back with a gunshot wound to the head.

Saint Lucia Fire Service is currently providing counselling to Felix as he struggle to come to terms with the loss of his sister.


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  1. What he expected . you live by the sword u we by the sword . all the things she was doing the ppl relatives didn't need counselling too. Now. It hit home taste what it feels like


  2. Three weeks ago you robbed me of my cell phone my money and other valuables infront my Three year old Twins ... My spouse told me to report it but I said no... I put down my knees and since then I have been giving u prayers....
    Prayers are the most Powerful Weapon on this Earth.... Karma Is A Bitch!!!


    • How hypocritical. Prayer and karma are on opposite sides. Well depends on who u praying to. But assume is to the Most High God, you delight in praying evil for someone? Well thank God the God i know doesnt endulge in evil


    • You put down your knees and prayed for a human being to be killed because of a cell phone? Wow and we call ourselves Christians for that!


      • Kaycee I got your point mama. There are always those who feel that just by sounding holier than thou they are fulfilling their Godly quota.


  3. Don't think anyone can understand what this man went through at the present time getting to this crime scene and realising it was his very own lil sister lying there on the ground in a pool of blood!! This will be a record in his mind for a while. This is soooo sad the way this young girl was gunned down..murdered!! No one has the right to take another's life...and im not siding here...a few of you had nothing good to say of her...but who are we to judge...smh and we keep saying and talking ill of each other EVERYDAY!! This young girl i had spoken to her a few times...and being face to face with her was always a beautiful smile on her face.. was always pleasant and respectful when i came into contact with her...she may have done wrong and stuff she should not have been doing...but we all have done things we have please refrain from being judgmental...she did not deserve to be murdered like this...don't think the perpetrators would want to see their mother/s sister/s brother/s or even their own child/children been murdered this way..innocence!! Vengeance is mine saith the Lord..I will repay..May God have mercy on her soul!! May you rest in Peace dear child.


  4. I feel sorry for your pain big brother.. but little sister was asking for it.. just last week she almost robbed a friend of mine


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