St. Lucian accused of conning jobseekers in London

St. Lucian accused of conning jobseekers in London
Denials: John Phillips took the money and ran from jobseekers.
Denials: John Phillips took the money and ran from jobseekers.

EVENING STANDARD – A fraudster has conned jobseekers out of thousands of pounds in cash by offering them fake jobs for a fee, an investigation has alleged.

The man, who goes by the name of John Phillips, originally from St. Lucia, offers applicants positions at non-existent companies. He then requests money so they can be “accredited” to start work with a promise they will get the cash back once they start.

But Phillips, who also uses other aliases, then disappears, leaving the victims deep in debt and still jobless.

Phillips finds the applicants on job websites that can be accessed by employers, according to BBC1’s Inside Out. He contacts them pretending to be MD of a large human resources company and invites them for interviews.

Once they are “successful” and offered a position, they are told to pay a fee of a few hundred pounds up front and told it will be refunded once the job starts.




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  1. This guy is known by various names I met him under the name of William Barnett & I think he may be known at John Curly too but not 100 %


  2. The originally posted article with further information:

    Mr. Phillips from SLU seems to be busy:

    SLU scams abroad are numerous and well-known. This allegedly includes, but is not allegedly limited to, the police:

    And we wonder why tourism is drying up and investment, jobs, prosperity, and the fundamental hope of our people is being lost rapidly and measurably to our brothers and sisters in Antigua, SVG, Dominica, and Barbados.

    We should each and every one be e-mailing, tweeting. facebooking and telephoning our elected officials and asking a very simply question: "What are you doing that shows progressive results on making a difference?"

    We live in a democracy --- get involved. Engage our elected officials.


  3. See how quickly his place of origin is being attached to his name. Not forgetting about the distasteful act of which this scumbag committed.....we st.lucians as a people need to perpetuate love, thought, and pride for our country and country men be you at home or abroad and just maybe the tide will one day change and the media will be dominated by positives, selfless acts and proud achievements produced by us.


  4. This is Black History Month, a time when black minorities reflect on the achievement of past and current black people with pride. It wouldn’t be ‘balance’ without bring out unspeakable black rogues. For news worthy sake, this man’s country of origin “St Lucia” is highlighted. Had he achieved fame he would be hailed as “British” but he is “St Lucian” because his behaviour is reprehensible. This is typically British. This report seems to imply that a St Lucian rogue is taking advantage of British citizens. Britain is a multicultural society. For all we know, he could be a citizen who behaved abominable and should be punished like any other rogue citizen whatever his origin.


  5. John Phillips again?????
    Allegedly deported from the US for the same nonsense.
    Where will be his next move???


  6. I suggest that he remain in hiding not just to evade the UK authorities but to avoid physical contact with the people he conned.


  7. are so ignorant. The people concerned we and are desperate to help to pay their way in society. This man and all who sail on his boat are an embarrassment to St Lucia.

    I met this despicable man...he gave me no mercy either but I was not taken into his crap. So there!


  8. After he serves his prison time in the UK, he should be deported to st.lucia so we can deal with him for defrauding st.lucians.


  9. You'll sure that conman is legally in the United Kingdom or did he con his way into the UK? When the British catch him don't be surprised if they deport him to Saint Lucia if they can prove he is a St. Lucian citizen.


  10. Are you for real? Don 't you remember this man and his sister ALLEGEDLY did this same thing in St Lucia in the mid eighties.
    The had this company which promised jobs and collected monies from poor unsuspecting people.
    I can't believe that he is still doing this shit. i think they even collected monies for US visas too.




  12. Can St Lucians stop conning people. It's just a part of them to rob people and I don't get it. He need to go to Jail.


    • Since when St.Lucians are known to be con artists? The few who must have conned you was probably able to do so because of your blatant ignorance. They did not have to try hard.


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