St. Lucia Youth Business Trust hosts tax workshop for small businesses

St. Lucia Youth Business Trust hosts tax workshop for small businesses

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The St. Lucia Youth Business Trust partnered with the Inland Revenue Department to assist small businesses in gaining a better understanding of the tax system and be better prepared to file their tax returns.

All tax returns for the 2017 period should be filed by Tuesday April 3rd 2018 and the Trust thought it necessary to provide businesses with an avenue to dialogue with a representative from the Inland Revenue Department and gain the knowledge necessary to file their returns in a timely manner.

This two day workshop was facilitated by Mrs. Tessa Biroo-Naitram, Senior Tax Inspector with the Inland Revenue Department. This workshop focused on areas such as property tax, P.A.Y.E, various forms necessary (TD5, TD6) and explored the proper record keeping techniques necessary to avoid any delays when filing your returns.

“Let’s Talk Taxes” was delivered on February 27th & 28th and is part of the Trust’s Mind Your Business Development Series. Mind Your Business is a Business Development Series, targeting small and medium sized enterprise business owners seeking to gain critical business management skills and knowledge. The program, through a series of practical guidance workshops facilitated by practicing professionals and experts, delivers skills that participants can apply immediately in their business.

The Program Officer highlights that another tax workshop may be facilitated if businesses do deem it necessary before the Tax Returns Deadline.

Massy Stores St. Lucia sponsored the event by catering for the participants.

Persons interested in being part of the Mind Your Business Development Series are encouraged to contact the St. Lucia Youth Business Trust at 452 3165 or [email protected] for more information.


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  1. Progress. Great stride! Down with country bookie hand-out politics like STEP.

    Cape diem. Take the bull by the horns. Create your own future.


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