St. Lucia writers forum to host Laureate’s Chair

St. Lucia writers forum to host Laureate’s Chair

FB_IMG_1466617627573PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Writers Forum will once again host another Laureate’s Chair at the Central Library.

The event, which is slated for Tuesday, June 28th will feature Mr. Mc Donald Dixon.

Every month, a local writer is featured, who speaks on Walcott and how he has inspired their journey as a writer. The featured guest also shares with the audience, his favorite Walcott piece.

The event is also aimed at emerging writers and provides them with the opportunity to connect with seasoned and celebrated local authors.

Mr. Dixon, a born St. Lucian, was educated at the Anglican infant and primary schools and from there went on a scholarship to St. Mary’s College. Mr. Dixon is well known for his accomplishments in the Literary Arts, and has accomplishments in the visual arts category as well with his beautiful art pieces and is a seasoned photographer also. His published novels Seasons of Mist and Misbegotten are indeed a literary treat for anyone looking for a good read.

The event starts at 7pm, limited seating is available and light refreshments will also be served.


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