St. Lucia worth visiting in 2017, says international news magazine

St. Lucia worth visiting in 2017, says international news magazine

STAFF REPORT – A popular news publication has listed St. Lucia among six “top destinations” to visit in 2017.

According to an article, penned by Graham Boynton, in Newsweek: “If you’ve got the winter blues, it’s time to start planning where you’ll be heading in the year ahead”.

Boynton then ticked off Botswana, Qatar, Switzerland, Bhutan, New Orleans, and St. Lucia.

For the only Caribbean island, Boynton wrote: “St. Lucia is coming into its own as a way to avoid the cruise ship crowds—plus it’s too mountainous to ever become as built up as, say, Barbados. The Viceroy Sugar Beach is perhaps the quietest resort; the newest will be the over-18s-only Royalton St. Lucia Hideaway, due to open early this year.”

The article is accompanied by a photo of Sugar Beach, St. Lucia, with the caption ” worth a trip in 2017″.



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  1. Where have you been my friend crime is a global epidemic. Did you he's what happened on new year's day in Brazil, yet is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world or what about Turkey?


    • Why the hell do idiots and politicians always chose the worst case around the world to give ONLY THEMSELVES FALSE COMFORT that our case less severe?
      Therefore, idiot, we must wait to descend to that level, for us to feel bad about what is going on in our own backyard, jackass? Really? You are not making any friggin sense! You must be just another bookie too.


    • Its not everywhere. There are places the tourist can go without being mugged. We just have to do what we have to do. Please let us enjoy the good news. Your input must be constructive in order to make St Lucia even more attractive. Say something that could be done to make this opportunity better by giving idea as to what must be done about the crime in this regard.

      It appears that your statement is reminding everyone that we have crime so the report is incorrect. If it was for crime Jamaica would not have crime. They have done something to protect the industry which is blooming


      • Set up official government road signs saying "Mugging Area. Enter at your own risk" where appropriate.


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