UPDATED: St. Lucia wins gay pageant (photos added)

UPDATED: St. Lucia wins gay pageant (photos added)
Queen Monet Exchange of St. Lucia.
Queen Monet Exchange of St. Lucia.

Miss St. Lucia’s Monet Exchange was crowned queen of the 6th Annual Gay Caribbean USA Pageant held on Saturday, Sept. 27 at Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn, New York.

A source explained that seven of the eight contestants are men “but transgender so they are called ‘misses'”. Contestants prefer not to use their real names.

“They are shemales. They all got the male private part but are the women in any relationship,” the source added.

‘Monet Exchange’, the St. Lucia representative, also won best answer.

According to the pageant’s Facebook page, Monet Exchange describes herself as eclectic and benevolent.

“Momo says that growing up gay was no walk in the park,” the post also stated.

Miss Grenada (Momo Shade) finished second and Miss Jamaica (Chamise Renee) placed third.

The other contestants were Jackie Reloaded representing Trinidad & Tobago, Ky’Neisha Dupree (Miss Bahamas), Mercedes Successful (second contestant for Jamaica), Madison Banks (Miss Dominican Republic) and De’Zyre Love Revlon (Miss Honduras).

The annual competition is open to male impersonators, gay males, lesbian females and transgenders. The event attracts contestants outside the US who fly to New York to represent their countries.

Bahamas won the 2013 competition and Honduras participated for the first time this year.

‘Marlon’, a St. Lucian, is the producer of the pageant.

The aim of the pageant is reportedly to help bridge the gap between the gay and heterosexual communities in the US and Caribbean, opening the opportunity for better understanding.

The contestants.


The pageant’s organising committee with Marlon (second from left)

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  1. The wrath of God will soon destroy us because we want to live not how he wants us to live, but in our own way.God is angry with all the things we do in the name of pleasure and ''rights''.


    • Interesting how you pick the sins you want to bash, especially when the god you worship was forced down your throat by slave masters. If you think people just wake up one morning and decide they want to be gay in a world out to eradicate gays then you have to be bat shit crazy. But then again you believe in white jesus.


    • Lying lips are an abomination says the bible yet pastor a lie on the pulpits to baptize people, while I believe homosexuality is a sin so is hatred so you do not have the right to hate after all most of you men who call them battyman does it to your women in my opinion shit is shit so be careful not to get kicked in hell by the gays you send there


  2. Lucians stop with all the hatred!! Why are you guys not bashing the men and women who are fornicating day in and day out! That's a sin too? or did yall forget because it is so common place! Congrats to the pageant winner! "He who have not sinned cast the first stone", these words came straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ when a crowd was about to stone a prostitute. OR DID YOU GUYS FORGET TO READ THAT PART IN THE BIBLE. All you who talk about the bible, seems you guys forgot the compassion, Jesus showed to the sinners. Some of you bible quoters to are the very same people that will walk over someone if they have to, those who pass by a hungry person and will be like that's none of my business. So hush if yall have nothing nice to say.


  3. This is why i like Pamela (PM of Trinidad). She has said publicly that her country does not support a gay culture in response to relaxing the law prohibiting it. Meanwhile what does our own coward PM do? Spend money sending people to gay conference, having gays teaching police human rights (what an absurdity, you would think that it would be the MIn of Justice) and hiding behind people spaced-teeth. Lame excuse for a PM i must say. Lame. lame , lame


  4. It deeply saddens me to wake up and see soo much small minded hatred toward something that was intended to be a celebration. Who are any of you to judge what the person does with his/her life when the sins you commit are no better. Isnt sex b4 marriage a sin? Dont yall do it anyway? Who is going to sit there and judge you? No one... Because that is none of anyone's business. To the person who spoke of sodom.. Read on your history
    .. The city was not burned because the people were gay.. It was burned because the people were not hospitable and tried to rape the travelers who were god's angles. It was a crime to not be hospitable not gay. It was the church who decided that being gay was wrong only because it did not follow god's law of being fruitful and multiply.
    In another note.. YES there are gay animals and any pet owner would know that. The only difference between animals and humans is that the animals cant say how they feel nor do they dress themselves.
    It is sad that i need to see such small minded behavior being published to the world.
    Congrats Mrs St Lucia.. You have accomplished more them most these people trying to put you down.


  5. Let's all hate some gay people that we may never meet in our life. Sure, it will make us feel like better people and erase our own sins.
    Because being a good Christian means being a religious bigot.
    God bless St Lucia.