St. Lucia will not develop separate strategy to monitor Cuba – Tourism Minister

St. Lucia will not develop separate strategy to monitor Cuba – Tourism Minister
Minister LorneTheophilus
Minister LorneTheophilus

Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus has responded to concerns about the potential threats the Cuban tourism market poses to St. Lucia.

The minister said while St. Lucia will not disregard Cuba, it will not pay more credence to that island nation, than it does to any other competitor in the global tourism market.

“Our strategic market has been working to the benefit of the destination,” Theophilus stated.

United Workers Party (UWP) candidate Dominic Fedee had urged the government to establish a National Committee to look at the potential threats the Cuban tourism market could pose to this island.

But Theophilus said he is not concerned about Fedee’s recommendation.

“He probably has his reasons for saying we need to develop a strategy for Cuba. But we have a national strategy concerning the strategic positioning of the destination as a whole. We are not going to developing a strategy just for Cuba,” the tourism minister asserted.

According to him, St Lucia has pitched itself quite well in the world market and there are certain areas which could be strengthened from time to time, to enhance the island’s presence on the international market.

“So far we are on a record pace in terms of stay over arrivals and cruise arrivals this year. So we are hoping that we will continue on that trend and ensure that St. Lucians are proud of what we are doing,” he remarked.

Turning his attention to the state of the country’s capital – Castries, Theophilus admitted that the garbage issue not only affects tourists, but citizens as well, but explained that there are various other institutions that are in place, which the ministry collaborates with regularly to ensure that these issues are addressed.

He also agreed that there should be greater enforcement of the litter laws in St. Lucia, to ensure that the city and other parts of the island are garbage free.

“It’s long overdue. We should prosecute people for dumping garbage. But we should also look at enforcing stricter penalties for petty crimes, so we can deal with people who go about snatching things from people,” he added.

Tourism is the leading economic sector in St. Lucia, contributing an estimated 13.8 percent of GDP and provides direct employment for approximately 20,000 people.


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  1. How can we as a country make any real progress, when we have so many clowns with titles but no blasted insight nor foresight about how to go about the jobs that go with those titles? How and when? SMH
    Why does SLP make an ass of itself by putting mere babies in control of the most important industry in the country? Who the hell is in charge?
    All those in the business involving competition routinely continuously do a competitor analysis of rivals. Smiling Puss shoot-sharers try to convince those smarter than them that this is not necessary. Oui mamma! Markak moutay jearwear!


    • Can anything good come out of Choiseul? Clearly, the euphoria of the boast of constructing "Ffairty Schools" has worn thin. It has come home to roost. It is producing a bumper crop of idiots all over the place, from PMs, and MPs all the way down.

      Witness the genius of economic employment policy from the products of the school system that the "Fairty School" system produced -- the short- term employment programme.

      Witness again, the ripple effects of this on this society.

      Witness again who the ones who spearheaded this genius of a wealth transfer by economic borrowing.

      Witness again, the institutionalization of poverty in Saint Lucia by those too dumb to even recognize it., by having the working poor subsidize the wealthy. They pay 15% VAT, whereas the wealthy pay just 8% VAT. Such outrageous inequities are tolerated and endorsed by the SLP hierarchy. So much for better days.


  2. How this man got that job is beyond me really. A guy who is so aloof, boorish and downright boring heading such an organization? Not to mention his past infelicities....SICK!!!!


  3. Too many totally incompetent people in the government. Cuba has a lot to offer. This minister is just lazy guy, sucking money from the Lucian citizens. Cuba will draw a lot of American tourist. Useless idiot Mr. Lorn.


  4. Why us this clown even the minister of tourism in the first place, man the labor party is getting sloppy, boy never me again.


  5. I have serious questions as to what makes a lawyer versed in the science of marketing? Marketing is an applied science and whoever is running the ministry should be well versed. I have no idea how so many lawyers believe they have what it takes to lead our country. Oh wait. Lawyers are in fact some of the best orators....also they lie exceedingly well. Making for wonderful politicians. Lorne does not have the wherewithall to run this particular ministry. It is way too important to our fiscal health to have it ran by a lawyer with a sordid that I mean the many rape allegations that have been swept under the rug. Lord graciously hear us.


    • I see you are also calling for King Midas in Reverse to take flight too. He has been wasting national treasure like it is nobody's business.
      Freewill, $48 million. Blackbay, $86 million giveaway plus yet another $86 million to buy what he gave away. This makes is $172 million in all then Gryberg, $150 again for nothing, $500 million in penalties, plus fees for the lawyers making the case for Saint Lucia.
      SLP is S-L-P with somethings taken out, they say. So you see another square peg in another wrong hole? That is an S-L-P type of joke. They are laughing at us. But, may be relieved. It is who laughs last that laughs the best.


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