St. Lucia to upgrade international airport passenger capacity to over one million

St. Lucia to upgrade international airport passenger capacity to over one million
Chastanet said a loan for the airport project has been approved

(DNO) – Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Allen Chastanet, has revealed that a loan for the construction and establishment of new international airport facilities in his country, has been approved.

He stated that construction will begin this fall at the Hewanorra International airport which will provide it with the capacity accommodate over one million passengers.

“So it means that we are going to be commencing construction of the new airport this fall and the new airport is going to be able to have the capacity of one and a half million passengers,” Chastanet told his audience at the 6th annual Saint Lucia Showcase – North America which was held from July 18-19.

Some the new systems to be adopted in the enhancing the Hewanora airport facility, according to the prime minister, include facial recognition technology and a system where people’s bags are delivered to their hotel. ‘On property’ satellite offices will be also be created where people will be able to check-in their bags at their hotels instead of doing so at the airport.

“We are driven to be successful in this industry because of the benefits tourism generates,” Chastanet stated.

He explained that the new initiative is a way of bridging the gap between what people want and what is actually being delivered.

“The amazing number is, if you take a poll and you ask people to close their eyes and think of where they would want to go on vacation, ninety percent of the people say the Caribbean. But only one and a half percent of them ever end up on the Caribbean,” he said. “So the question becomes, how do we bridge that gap in terms of what people want and what we are acth we will unveilually delivering.”

At present, there are two airports operating in Saint Lucia: the George F. L. Charles Airport in Castries and the soon to be upgraded Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort.


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  1. Great idea.An even better one would be to complete the hospital in the south which can actually save lives. Priority people priority.


  2. Finally long over due. Hiwever, is he sure about that number - an airport to hold 1.5 million people. That's more than the population of St Lucia. Hmmmm??


  3. it make sense to only if there is a need for the Airport.
    Do anybody know of someone who wanted to come to St. Lucia
    and could not make it because the airport was too small?


    • I have the A..H... trophy for you because you deserve it and more. The happiest people I know are evaluating and improving themselves. The unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others. Before you judge one make sure you're perfect stop it .


  4. You know he makes mistakes, so when he does I hope he listens and take responsibility for it, but you cannot doubt that this PM appears to have a vision for where this country can go. Just dont sell us to the Chinese, thats all I am saying. But the airport is long overdue. The only Caribbean country with a REAL intermational looking airport that I know of is Jamaica. It is in Montego Bay.


    • St. Lucia. The hub of the Caribbean. How it was to be all along. With how effective Mr Chastanet is at attracting business here this will be right up his alley to accomplish.


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