St. Lucia to create National Policy on Discipline in Schools

St. Lucia to create National Policy on Discipline in Schools

Officials from various government ministries met on Tuesday to commence discussions relating to discipline in schools. The aim is to create a national policy that will have the input of stakeholders across the length and breadth of St. Lucia.

District Counselor Jenny Joseph told the media that while each school may have different ways in which they discipline students, the Ministry of Education is looking to have a standard policy.

This policy will be implemented in all schools and will allow for a greater outcome of student behaviour and create a new approach to how discipline is administered at school.

Correcting negative behavior without violating child rights will also be looked at. Child advocates have been calling for an end to corporal punishment in schools for a number of years now.

While some schools continue to use corporal punishment, others have already adopted the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) child friendly framework. Joseph said the implementation of this initiative has shown positive results thus far.

Education Minister Dr. Robert Lewis had promised to have his ministry look into the matter of corporal punishment. However, he a decision must be made in consultation with the St Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), the National Principals Association (NPA) and parents.

UNICEF has said that violence against children remains legal throughout much of the world although some countries have moved to ban or limit violence in the home, at school, in care institutions or in the penal system.

But the organization believes in order to legally ban all forms of violence against children, including violent discipline, countries must explicitly prohibit the practice and also eliminate any provisions that allow its continued use.


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  1. You have a violent society because for decades you have been teaching them to resolve conflict using violence, yes the ruler is a tool of violence, it creates fear in the student, and fear is the breeding ground of criminals.


  2. We have to realise that we are now in a differnt time with different values than when we grew up. When I was a student it took a community to raise a child. My aunts/uncles were very much involved in my eduation and socailization as were my parents. I will agree that bad children are the direct result of weak parents. When I left college I taught at the Anglican Primary School for three years and when I met the parents of some children I got it. Some parents simply had no control over thier children. Some parents would dare you to discipline thier child. We need to start with directly involving parents in the day to day education process of their children. Young parents need to realise that being your childs "friend" is not effective parenting. We should also look into offering parenting classes.


  3. I do not believe in child abuse.
    I believe in "spare the rod and spoil the child".

    There is a very thin line between corporal punishment and abuse. This is why the Education Act in SLU assigns the duty to principal and not the teacher.

    Parents need to partner with the schools.

    When I was at school if I got in trouble whether i was right or wrong my whole family would tell me to get my act together. Now!!! Parents give teachers what for and in front of the children too!!!

    We sow the wind.
    We must now accept the whirlwind.


  4. whats this rubbish about the US, 26 states in the US still have corporal punishment and use it regularly…. check ya facts before you start your rhetoric !


  5. Sigh... All the licks I got from ms bond at Anglican did me a world of good.If wasn't for that who know how I would turn out


  6. there needs to be a different approach to correcting a child. DOES CORPORAL PUNISHMENT HELP A CHILD.....NO, IT DOESN'T.

    And the teachers who administer that punishment sometimes have their personal problems at home or with the parents and hurt the children because of that.


    PEOPLE patience, understanding and tolerance with our children does a long way.


    • Yes I see you mean Beaten not The minister himself, robert, was beaten at school. And likewise, LOOK AROUND, MANY OF US WHO WERE BEATEN AT SCHOOL, HAVE SOME OF THE HIGHEST POSITIONS IN THE COUNTRY.

      do not use a few examples are rules. stats dont matter to the individual.
      I hope you are patient with your kids who want to kill you in your own


  7. Why do we always have to emulate others? Why can't we implement standards which are more effective for us, whether it's in disciplinary standards in schools or law enforcement in general ?


  8. Hey,leave corporal punishment alone.Do not americanise the school system and produce more criminals instead of disciplined and matured adults.WE IN THE WEST INDIES ALWAYS THINK FOREIGN IS BETTER.STUDENTS ARE NOT BEING BENCHED ANYMORE LIKE MY ERA.The students behaviour need some corporal punishment regardless of what the U.N child rights say.Child rights my foot>I will apply reasonable corporal punishment when needed on my kids.That's why the school system in America is in such a mess.Do we want to end up like that?


  9. You can have all the policies you want, it's useless without enforcement. The reason there are so many sinners on the island is because there are too many bad parents. Fact.


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