St Lucia to be represented at Pan American Sambo Championships in Mexico

St Lucia to be represented at Pan American Sambo Championships in Mexico

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – A SAMBO athlete of the Sports and Combat Sambo Federation St Lucia will be representing the island at the Pan American Sambo Championships in Mexico from the 21st-22nd July ,2018.

This is a first for our club as we have not been invited to participate in this event since 2013. Sambo is a mixed martial arts style developed in the early 1920s by the Russian Army. It comprises of various unarmed but highly effective fighting techniques derived from several other styles, including popular ones such as judo, jiu-jitsu and different forms of wrestling.

There are two main styles of Sambo used in competitions. Sport Sambo has a heavy emphasis on throws and submission holds, while the other style, Combat Sambo emphasises on grappling and submission holds. Combat Sambo is also accompanied by extensive strikes.A third style, called Beach Sambo has recently been in development; its rules differ slightly from the previous styles of Sambo and will be introduced to the Pan American Sambo community during the championships.

The Sambo community is internationally governed by the International Sambo Federation(FIAS). They are the official overseer to international and some regional and local sambo bodies. The sport has extensive accreditations which include WADA, Asian and European Olympic Committees to name a few.

Sambo is a well balanced fighting style and relatively easy to pick up not only for competition but self defense and fitness as well. It is also ideal for practioners of other styles who are seeking to broaden their knowledge and experience.

The Sport and Combat Sambo Federation reaches out to anyone interested in taking up this fun and unique sport. Classes are held every Saturday from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at the Carellie Fitness Gym. There is also an open day on the first Saturday of each month where one may observe and even participate free of charge.

For more information you may contact us at:

Tel: 726-1804
Email :[email protected]
Facebook: @sambofedslu
Instagram: sambofedsaintlucia


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