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St. Lucia – the fastest growing population in Windward Islands


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Castries city, St. Lucia

St. Lucia has the fastest growing population in the Windward Islands, a report from the World Bank has revealed.

The report, which studied average population growth from 2000 to 2012, showed that the island’s population grew by an average of 1.2 percent per year. It showed that the other islands in the Windward chain experienced slow or limited growth with St. Vincent at 0.1 percent and Grenada at 0.3 percent and Dominica at 0.2 percent.

From a Caribbean perspective, the island with the fastest-growing population is one of the tiniest: the Turks and Caicos Islands, which has seen an average annual growth of 4.5 percent from 2000 to 2012.

The Cayman Islands followed with an average annual growth rate of 2.7 percent for the time period.

Two US territories were the only populations that saw negative growth — Puerto Rico, with -0.3 percent population growth over the period, and the US Virgin Islands, also at -0.3 percent.

Other islands with slow population growth are Cuba at 0.1 percent per year, Barbados at 0.5 percent and Trinidad at 0.4 percent.

See full report on population growth in the Caribbean below.

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  1. @Smh, have you heard of the OECS economic union? Any citizen of the OECS can come to Saint Lucia and stay as long as he/she wants...when the treaty is finalized by parliament. All for one, and one for all!

  2. It must the fact that $5 can feed an entire family that's why ppl are moving here & more babies are being b

    • Good point!!!

      The emphasis on people are moving here is one indication of the increase in population...and its time that our government begin to take a pro-active stance on immigration and how it affects our critical sectors in all areas.

      When last did we even hear any mentioning (in parliament,) on any draft policies on immigration here? We don't!!!
      So clearly, if there appears to be a "free-for-all," entry at our borders then what do we expect?

      • St Lucian's complaining about an influx of immigrants to their cherished island. What a hypocritical statement! It is true that the added number of immigrants will place an added strain on our already meagre resources, but by no means does it give us the right to treat them with disdain. Almost every St Lucian has some sort of family member who reside ILLEGALLY in the USA, UK, Canada and all other parts of the world. Shouldn't those governments crack down on your family members as well, or perhaps repatriation? or prevent entry into their borders? Please remember that it always works both ways....Funny how your sentiments were echoed by British citizens, and most notably USA citizens who asked Obama to tighten measures regarding illegal immigrants....

  3. Twop moun ca cocay suh rubbers. Times getting hard. Literally. Lol

  4. lass ko k


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