St. Lucia submits proposal for Paris agreement to include greenhouse gas emission reduction numbers

St. Lucia submits proposal for Paris agreement to include greenhouse gas emission reduction numbers


PRESS RELEASE  – Saint Lucia has submitted a proposal to the United Nations (UN) climate talks calling for the legally binding emission reduction numbers, to be included in an Annex to the Paris treaty.

Saint Lucia’s proposal to create the Annex would see the headline numbers that governments have submitted this year – in their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) – reflected as commitments in the December Paris agreement itself.

Mr. Crispin d’Auvergne, Head of Saint Lucia’s delegation indicated that “the world needs to know exactly what has been achieved in Paris, and what has not.  The global community expects governments’ domestic emissions reduction commitments to be clearly visible in the Paris outcome.

He further stated that “this is critical as we need to see actual numbers showing exactly how much each country is committing to reduce emissions. We know the aggregate reductions the world needs to see to put us on a pathway to a below 1.5 degrees limit in temperature increase. We now need a clear picture of whether we are on track and, if not, by how much”.

According to Saint Lucia`s lead climate change negotiator “setting out the numbers in an Annex to the Paris treaty will provide a common platform from which all countries increase their climate action every five years, in concert. If we want real momentum and increased action to continue after Paris, the numbers should be clear to all countries and to the public from day one.”

The Saint Lucia proposal further calls for governments to elaborate the details of their emission reduction commitments, to ensure clarity for everyone on the variety of assumptions underlying the headline numbers they have brought forward.

Vulnerable country governments believe it is essential for the agreement to be fully transparent about the targets agreed in Paris and on what needs to be done next.


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