St. Lucia strengthens connections with Japan

St. Lucia strengthens connections with Japan

The Japan/Saint Lucia Club formally handed over the proceeds of a fund-raising concert in aid of the victims of Hurricane Tomas to Cabinet Secretary Darrel Montrope on Tuesday.

The Japan/Saint Lucia Club comprises former Japanese participants in the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOCV) Programme.

The volunteers embarked on a concert in Japan on April 22, 2013, the second of its kind following the first charity concert on March 5, 2011.

The proceeds, amounting to some $4, 839, was formally handed over by President of the Japan/Saint Lucia Club Mikiko Ito to Montrope who stated that Saint Lucia had rediscovered an old friend and expressed gratitude for the charitable gesture.

“It is said that it is during our hours of darkness that we truly know our friends. And in our own moment of darkness post-hurricane Tomas I would not say, discovered, but maybe, rediscovered the nature of our friendships and bonds that we have formed with the Japanese volunteers who have served and continue to serve in Saint Lucia. Certainly on behalf of the government and people of Saint Lucia we are so thankful for the Japanese/Saint Lucia Club,” Montrope said.

Ito, who taught for three years at the Saint Lucia School of Music, said Saint Lucia is like a second home to her and she hopes the contribution will provide much needed relief.

The Club has also done several publicity campaigns for Saint Lucia as a destination through the Japan Association of Travel Agents, Global Festa Japan 2012, as well as several magazines, television programmes, newspapers and email magazines.

“I thought, what I can do for Saint Lucia which is my second country. Then I decided to have a charity concert for the victims of Hurricane Tomas in 2011. And it was very successful. And this time I had organized a second charity concert for the victims of Hurricane Tomas again, and it was very successful, and all musicians performed free. So I hope it will be a little help for the victims and Saint Lucia. And also I am promoting about Saint Lucia in Japan and hopefully a lot of Japanese people will know about Saint Lucia,” Ito said.

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Tomas several friendly governments and non-government organizations have provided assistance in various ways.


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