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St Lucia speaks out against US sanctions against Venezuela

By Alison Kentish, teleSUR

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St. Lucia’s Prime Minister and Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister at the opening of the ALBA Bridge in February, 2015. Saint Lucians say Venezuela has been a good friend and are speaking out on unjust US sanctions against the country. (teleSUR photo).

TELESUR – Saint Lucian nationals are firmly denouncing the escalated US sanctions against Venezuela.

From political scientists to social activists, the nationals of the Caribbean island are also urging citizens of other countries to join in the opposition to the US sanctions.

People all across the Caribbean are shocked at the absurd sanctions against Venezuelan government called by the United States on Monday.

Political Scientist Denys Springer describes the United States sanctions against Venezuela as atrocious. He says he was shocked and dismayed to learn of the disturbing developments.

“To target Venezuela in that way, I believe the whole of the Caribbean should stand in unity with Venezuela and say to the Americans that if you target them you target all of us because this is the South American coast, so to speak. We are part and parcel of the Caribbean that joins up with them,” he said.

He added that the Government of Venezuela, particularly through initiatives like Petrocaribe and the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of our Americas (ALBA), has provided much needed help to Caribbean governments, proving that it cares for the most vulnerable in society.

“They are helping us……they have their own country to look after and they are making it their duty to help others, through Petrocaribe and look at the computers that our school children have now got. I think the rest of the Caribbean should say to the Americans, enough is enough and Venezuela has not interfered with you.”

Social activist Edgar Rossini Francois has long been a supporter of the Bolivarian revolution. He too questions the motives of the US government.

“Considering since 2008, the pronouncements of Obama, it doesn’t surprise me, but at the same time, and considering the complexity of the situation he has now found himself in, to create enemies south of the border makes absolutely no sense. It is true that they have lost control of Latin America, not only because of the Bolivarian revolution, but mainly because of the behaviour of the United States in Central and South America and to a certain degree in the Caribbean,” he said.

Representatives of the Venezuelan Government in Saint Lucia have planned a press conference for Friday, at which time they will issue a formal statement on the issue.

In Saint Lucia, the question is why? For most, it makes no sense that the United States of America is taking this hard line decision against Venezuela, a country that continues to help others across Latin America and the Caribbean.

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  1. A angry
    L lazy
    B broke
    A assholes

  2. Where is Springer's plea for the political prisoners in venezuela to be released? Where is his sympathy for the thousands of students who were arrested in Venezuela when they asked for Security after a female student was raped? Where is his concern for the Venezuelan people when there were riots, reports of police brutality and riot related violence? Where was all of this concern for Venezuela when their murder rate skyrocketed?

  3. Government want back assistance from the U.S too much they won't allow st Lucia to stand against their sanction. My opinion

  4. I viewed all these comments but it's time to see how slowly Kenny is making us loose our sweet little St. Lucia.


  6. Let's see...

    An article by Alison Kentish, who names 2 people, and all of a sudden the whole of St. Lucia is behind this? "Political Scientist Denys Springer." Are you serious?

    This should be filed under Humor. Or Satire. Or Poor Journalism.

  7. America supports freedom of expression whether it's for or against.

  8. Springer? Political Scientist?

  9. I am always amazed by the “quick to react/respond - without the most basic facts or knowledge of an issue,” mentality which is so often taken by so called “experts” among us. With all due respect to Mr. Springer (after all he is expressing his opinion, however uninformed he may be), I do not believe that he understands the nature of US-Venezuelan relations, especially when it comes to the diplomatic and trade history of the two nations.
    Might I also remind, or even inform Mr. Springer, that the United States’ sanctions against Venezuela abased on the national interest of the UNITED STATES (not Saint Lucia, or any other country in the region, especially the ones he is calling upon to join in solidarity with Venezuela against the US). He should also note that the sanctions taken are against certain INDIVIDUALS (former and present members of the now Maduro administration), NOT the citizens of the country. That said, the United States is Venezuela’s biggest trading partner, importing 750,000 barrels of oil from Venezuela every day.
    What Mr. Springer should have done, is provide his political scientific advice to our Prime Minister when he made the pronouncement a few weeks ago, during the ALBA bridge event, that Saint Lucia was standing firm with the government of Venezuela (paraphrasing here), following protest by the country’s citizens expressing disagreement over the policies of their government. It would be the norm that a foreign government express solidarity with the PEOPLE of a country, not the oppressive government against whom the citizens a protesting. But then again, I am not the Political Scientist, am I?
    Like many political issues involving the superpowers of the world (US, China, Russia…), this issue is a complex one that demands, at least, an understanding of both the nature and scope, before one ventures into providing an “expert” opinion or take sides. After all, many Saint Lucians formulate opinions themselves, based on the leading of these “experts.”

  10. I agree with the article.
    regardless of "more tourist come from US", wrong is wrong!
    Ven is NOT a security threat to the US.
    This is what the US does in runups to coups in SA over and over again, and it is time to stop.

    • It's about oil, everything regarding peace on this planet is connected to oil and the petrodollar. Venezuela is just being stupid.

    • It's about oil, everything regarding peace on this planet is connected to oil and the petrodollar. Venezuela is just being stupid. Did you think the wars in Iraq and Afganistan were because of religion? No, it's the oil in the ground and who controls it.

  11. I said it once and i will say it again. There are many similarities in the US actions against Venezuela and that of Saint Lucia. I am making a bold predictions that before the next general elections a few of our politicians and government officials will lose their VISAS

  12. Can someone please ell me why we joined ALBA? I don't see any value in being a part of what is viewed as a terrorist organization. Maduro wants govern unopposed, I think Dr.Benny would like to do the same. He speaks a fluent language of self serveism, it's one of half truths and propaganda.

  13. Springer Speak for your self not for me. You only singing for your supper.US has given to us more than one can imagine. I may not agree with all their polices, Venezuela cant take care of their own people and we in St. Lucia helping them keep their people poor and hungry by SLP accepting all their spy stuff. Springer SPEAK FOR YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Funny our Prime Minster talk about injustice to this country Government, But what about the injustice the Government has dont to it's own people?? I did not hear of any Caricom Leader speak up when a Mayor of a Major city who does not support the Government was addressed. Caricom Leaders are just a bunch of sellers of the carribenan people they claim to represent.

  15. St. Lucian? Based on what assessment? They don't speak on my behalf. Venezuelans do not have freedom. Should I support that because my Prime Minister views are different?

  16. speak for your self. do not speak for all st. lucians we are not a socalist government, and we take human rights very serious. venezuela will get what it deserve , and do not drag s st lucia and its people in your damn socialist country issue.venezuela need to stop its people from dumping all those drugs in our country and turning our children into drug dealers and coke heads. we want a good and clean relationship with the united states. not venezuela. venezuela is a corrupt. country. we also need to get rid of alba.

  17. These jackass activists do not speak for me at all, at all, at all. These mendicant-minded hand-me down Saint Lucians are just moving from pillar to post trying continuously to beg their way out of poverty. That is is end all and be all of Saint Lucian government. I do not see any reflection of myself in any of the caricatures that stand in place of government ministers. They stopped making sense a long time ago.

  18. so st lucia is now goin against the usa and then they will want something from the usa...or when the usa decides to ban them on more stuff they will wonder why.

    whats lucia will support cuba? Russia?? hmm

  19. What or who made Springer a political scientist? I really do not think he has verbalized such. I hope not.

  20. Really? First I'm hearing about opposition across the Caribbean.

  21. Im confused about our foreign policy. On one hand, we bend over backwards to appease the Americans with an IMPACS investigation, now we turn around and denounce America in support of Venezuela.

  22. Well these guys don't speak for me.they have their own agenda, I'm not a socalist...Have Venezuela help us more than the US, I don't think so. ..we depend on the US for tourists and some much more, now these people Coming with this bullshit.Check Cuba now in negotiation with that same Imperialists, so I want someone to tell me, why are we going the other way. When cuba is in a meeting almost every other day with the us....smfh, well Denys and others speak for you'll self, I believe in the capitalist system. ....

  23. A bunch of crap.....Desperate St. Lucia ....Accepting funding from a country that cannot take care of it's own.....USA help them...terrible gang treating their people like crap.

  24. We have become ALBA stogies. You idiots, America is your biggest tourism customer and you dare to spew your purchased hypocrisy. One over priced bridge and you are making morality noise. Mudaro is a self centered dictator who is taking his country to an economic misery of unimagined pain, and Benny wants us to join him on that journey. Lets sink into "Better Days" with Maduro & Benny Banthony.


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