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St. Lucia soon to be the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’

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Teo, HRH Prince Harry of Wales & Chastanet | DSH Caribbean Star

Teo, HRH Prince Harry of Wales & Chastanet | DSH Caribbean Star

TDN – China Horse Club Founder and Chairman Teo Ah Khing has made a name for himself in the worldwide horse racing community as both an innovator and someone extremely dedicated to increasing his country’s awareness and involvement in the sport of kings. He took that commitment and enthusiasm to a new level over the weekend when breaking ground on the island of St. Lucia’s first ever race course, which is the centerpiece of his latest endeavor, the Pearl of the Caribbean.

“I think St. Lucia is geographically located in a position that will play a role for China,” remarked Teo, while sitting in the restaurant of St. Lucia’s St. James Club resort just hours before the ground breaking ceremony. “We are a club that promotes lifestyle and a lot of our members have expressed interest in the Caribbean. Secondly, it could become a new quarantine facility for bringing horses eastward due to its proximity to Miami.”

Teo added, “The new Prime Minister of St. Lucia is a very forward thinking person and he took the time to come to China and learn our racing. I think that in itself shows us he welcomes the eastern involvement in his country.”

Not only was Prime Minister Allen Chastanet present and actively involved in the ground breaking ceremony, but so was His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales, who attended the event as part of his tour of the Caribbean islands.

Friday’s ground breaking festivities started with a private tour of the project’s three main sites with a group that included racing dignitaries from across the Caribbean, international advisors and investors. Situated on 700 acres of undeveloped land on the southern end of the island, the $2.6-billion project has several components, all of which aim to heighten St. Lucia’s profile as a premier tourism destination. In addition to the racetrack, the Pearl of the Caribbean will also include several boutique resorts, a marina, a casino, shopping and residential areas, such as waterfront villas.

“I think the island itself has a lot of virtue that for the eastern market is unexplored,” Teo said. “We are using the China Horse Club to spearhead and trail blaze to open up a new market for the island with eastern and south Asian tourists.”

The ceremony took place at the main site where the racetrack will be constructed. Teo’s design consultancy firm Desert Star Holdings designed and completed Dubai’s Meydan Race Course and that same team, known here as DSH Caribbean Star, will be working on St. Lucia’s top level dirt and turf courses. In addition, the racing portion of the project will also include state of the art barns, a quarantine facility, a veterinary clinic and several lush paddocks.

“The dirt track plays a prominent role in our new design,” Teo commented. “The direction respects the Caribbean racing culture. I think it will be one of the most comprehensive tracks, but fitting with the culture of the Caribbean.”


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  1. The Pearl of the Caribbean has always been Haiti! What Helen of the West is no longer!

  2. The last 'pearl of the caribbean' was Haiti.....

  3. Halt the gambling. There are too many unanswered questions. Waiting to see an influx of Chinese on this island. Perter will pay for Paul. I would have no problem with a manufacturing project whereby our youths would learn some skills.

  4. Here goes another set of arrant nonsense. When the Queen of England attends the races also known as "the sport of kings", does she not mix with the so-called plebs?

    Now, little does the above apparently unsophisticate seem to know, that the existing class system in Britain caters to those who fancy themselves as being in the upper class, when they can have tea or mix with members of the Royal Family. When these have to travel to race venues other than in England, they fly and in first class, not wishing to rub shoulders with the "plebs". Saint Lucia will therefore have to accommodate and cater for those people, with strategic provision of supersonic landing and airport facilities --- not just " modern" airport terminals per se.

    Do you see why adding a polo culture now in our country befits and dovetails with this project?

    Even now, Mr. Trim and associates must seek to get several teams off the ground, and send the best one(s) to nearby Barbados, for example, which already has a higher tourist worldwide ranking, as the take-off point for this advancement. Of course, at first, they may get beaten, and then learn from their mistakes. But nationally, we have to play football with both feet --- the left foot and the right foot. We must create an equine eco-system.

    The learning curve should not be all that steep. Such a national pursuit should redound positively on our "tourism destination image". It will reduce our annual national advertising budget expenditure.

    Horse-racing and polo?

    A marriage made in Heaven. Go Saint Lucia!

  5. Chastanet you are wrong on what you just did. You should not have bought Prince Harry publicly to witness or be part of your sheenanigans with the Chinese. He should have stayed clear of that. It is obvious that he is uncomfortable. The people in your cabinet and others in government Ministries have no freaking sense of protocol. It is one thing to turn some mud on a public project in Vieux Fort, it is completely different to have him sandwiched between you and another representative of a foreign government. And neither does the opposition SLP either have any clue either in such matters. we ought to be moving foward not backward.

    • I so agree, it should not be Prince Harry breaking the ground for this. It should have been Teo Ah Khing. The Prince has nothing to do this. I really thought it was some knew project initiated by England. Pppfff....the Prince getting his shoes dirty for a Chinese project that's a no no. Further more, I hope China take into consideration the material which will be used to develop this project because it will be eaten by the sea blast. Look at the George Odlum stadium falling into pieces as a result of the sea blast!

    • That individual doesn't represent any form of Chinese government...think before you speak....rather read up on the privately runned corporation....where I welcome the investment...because it means jobs...from its inception....i fear for another le paridis...st.lucia cant have these derelicts sitting all over the place and this development is going to take alot of vieux-fort...several things that have crossed my mind...what are the conditions once this massive project commences...are locals contractors getting a chance to be part of this...and when I say local...i don't only mean one or two particular people...and also I mean local...on this soil..two..what will be the immigration incentives granted to this company...are we going to see a wave of foreign(Chinese) workers in vfort...i don't have a problem...its a means of cutting labor costs...but it begs the question of what happens...during their stay...under what conditions...is it permanent etc...three...the dump? What's to become of it...it is proposed that there be a relocation...and just cover the existing area...whilst draining the stagnant water run off into the mangroves...are these ppl insane?...I have more to bring up but as of right now...my memory has failed me..

      • I'm curious as to what I said that would render me downvotes...everything I mentioned was in the interest of my country...but typical Lucian to not see the good...always the bad first.

  6. messay so yall open a plce for horses to race so when are yall going to do a track for cars racing since you cant go on the caca beth anymore without some sort of approved things


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