St. Lucia set to host Color Festival

St. Lucia set to host Color Festival

PRESS RELEASE – The town of Soufriere comes alive on Sunday December 21st as Trends Events hosts St. Lucia’s official Color Festival at the Soufriere Mini Stadium grounds.

“Splash of Color” – the paint and powder experience, is a colorful celebration that aims to bring patrons from all over St. Lucia to celebrate in a festive ambiance. Patrons will enjoy the attraction of paint and powder splashed all over, creating a unique experience.

The event which kicks off from 2pm will be headlined by 5-time soca monarch Skinny Fabulous out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Skinny Fabulous is known for his hits such as “Behaving the worst, Going off, Beast let go, Di General” and many more. He continues to put on a remarkable show anywhere that he performs.

The event will also feature our 2014 Groovy Monarch king Arthur, Soca Monarch king Ezra and a cast of St. Lucia’s hottest soca artists backed up by the Evalucian Band. Patrons will be entertained by the likes of Hollywood HP, Hyper D, Darcy Hype and A1 Jugglers accompanied by the hosts Oneka Mc Koy and Ronnie Bizzle in the early segment of the event.

Splash of Color will also feature V.I.P for patrons who desire the ease of getting drinks at the bar, with premium drinks served and a variety of finger foods while enjoying the experience comfortably in a well secured V.I.P area. Tickets will be available at The Cell Outlets Island wide and Club Whispers in Soufriere, regular tickets start at $40 early bird and v.i.p tickets $100 early bird. Early bird tickets are very limited and are available until November 30th.

Patrons can also look forward to our promotions leading up to the event, including our road show slated for end of November, tickets will be available at all promotions.

Our vision is to unite St. Lucia under this event, bringing all St. Lucians together to celebrate this festive season. We look forward to seeing you the patrons at St. Lucia’s official color festival. Splash of Color will definitely deliver an experience like never before.





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  1. Anything for chicken and rum, now what is the objective of this? what are the benifits to our people....smh!!


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