St. Lucia schools to remain closed for two more weeks

St. Lucia schools to remain closed for two more weeks
Dr. Rigobert


By now all Saint Lucians would be aware that we have recorded a total of 42 positive COVID-19 cases as of Thursday, October 22, with nine of these cases recorded between Sunday, Oct. 18 and Thursday, Oct. 22.

It has been determined by our Chief Medical Officer that there is indeed community spread of the coronavirus and as such every one of us must take the necessary precaution and obey the protocols. It is for this reason that we have decided that all learning institutions shall remain closed for a further two weeks. The proposed date for the reopening of schools is now Monday, Nov. 9, 2020.

I reiterate, proposed date, given that the situation is still so fluid.

We continue to stress the multifaceted mode of learning and teaching, employing both traditional methods and online learning during this period. We also ask that parents encourage children to remain at home as per one of the protocols in combating the spread of the Coronavirus is to avoid mass crowd gatherings.

I therefore ask the public to continue to cooperate with us, and to adhere to all of the protocols. Wear your mask when you are out in public, wash hands frequently using soap and water, sanitize and avoid mass crowd gatherings as much as possible. And if you are showing any signs and symptoms do seek medical care.

We also ask that you continue to pay attention to only official and reliable sources of information and updates.


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  1. School should remain close and should be reopened in January 2021. Also starting as the new school year. The only thing that can happen in life is change. To those who can't afford for tutors for their children. Can't access internet at home.Start the new school year in January.


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