St. Lucia receives millions for poverty eradication

St. Lucia receives millions for poverty eradication
Road repairs and construction are among the areas to be addressed under the agreement.

St. Lucia has been granted over $15 million to boost efforts at eradicating poverty, however accountability to the donor agency has been insisted upon.

The Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) is designed to continue the reduction of poverty and vulnerability through enhanced access to basic and economic infrastructure and human resource services, consistent with the Poverty Reduction Action Plan and the Country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

The grant, under Cycle 7 of the programme, will fund up to 95 percent of the total cost of each approved project at a maximum of $1.6 million EC. The Caribbean Development Bank is insisting on careful implementation and use of the grant funds.

The stakeholders have drafted a country portfolio mapping out the needs of communities.

Sub projects proposed under BNTF 7 will include the construction or rehabilitation of small buildings, minor roads, footpaths and water supply systems. The Social Development Fund, the implementing agency, will be working closely with other organizations and agencies in meeting the demands.

The BNTF 7 will run from the period 2013 – 2017 with total funding amounting to EC$15.5 million.


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  1. "However accountability to the donor agency has been insisted upon."
    Scope Creep is a likely risk but there are true successes like the EU hospital, where it was constantly monitored. I know there are vampires everywhere and we have to keep an eye on things, but we cannot totally lose faith in Humanity. We can only manage what we can measure!


  2. Whose poverty? We all know where that money going - into the boys' pockets with the crumbs to the people.


  3. it sound so nice when you hear these things on our news but who are the ones really benefitting from such initiatives? the poor man? I don't think so. poverty eradication? the way things are going in st lucia right now, those who don't have will continue not having; those who have a little will lose what the already have but those that have a lot will continue have more than they can bite because the st lucian society is designed to benefit them in all aspect. " who have will always have". you will try your utmost best to break the cycle but hey will keep fighting you to the bone till you are dead or you give up.
    I hope that all that money is not spent only in the north part of the island!!if its actually spent in the country!!!


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