St. Lucia ranked in top 10 most dangerous cruise destinations in the world


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Saint Lucia has been ranked as one of the top 10 most dangerous cruise destinations in the world, according to an article on an international cruise website –

The publication, named “Top 10 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations in the World” was penned by writer Jim Walker, a maritime lawyer, who sought to compile the list based on what he said were reports of  incidents involving tourists during their recent visits to various Caribbean islands.Saint Lucia is number 10 on that list.

Walker wrote: “10. St. Lucia; This island is a good case study on what can go wrong during a cruise excursion. Sixty nine cruise passengers were robbed at gun point on just two excursions. There were no warnings by the cruise lines or the local tourism officials, even though there had been prior crimes against tourists. The St. Lucia tourism officials lied to the victimized passengers, telling them that nothing like this had ever happened before.”

A screenshot of the online publication which ranks St. Lucia among the top 10 most dangerous cruise destinations.

The top most dangerous cruise destination in the Caribbean, according to the article, was Bahamas. The others listed were  2. Venezuela ,  3. Honduras,  4. Guatemala,  5. Mexico,  6. Saint Kitts Nevis, 7. Antigua, 8. United States Virgin Islands and 9. El Salvador.

The article stated that, “99% of the people who contact us, both passengers and crew, are victims of crime in the Caribbean countries. A few people complained of being pick-pocketed in Italy. But we have received no reports of guns or knives from people visiting European or African ports ever. Of course, ports in Australia and New Zealand are fabulously safe. We have also never received a complaint about crime in the Asian ports.”

The article further pointed fingers at Caribbean law enforcement officials stating that, “The other problem facing cruise tourists in the Caribbean is that once you are victimized, the crooks are rarely apprehended. There is little justice. Of the last 50 U.S. citizens killed in Honduras, for example, the local police have solved just 2 cases.”

Walker added: “We know what people will think when they read the list. “Crime occurs everywhere. Just use common sense. Stay with the cruise line excursions ashore.” I say nonsense to that. The fact is that crime occurs in certain places far more than others. No one has ever contacted us about crime during a Seattle/Vancouver/Alaska cruise. “Common sense” is no help when a port advertised as a peaceful getaway has a murder rate 25 times more dangerous than where you live and no one has bothered to tell you that. Some of the Caribbean countries have homicide rates around 90 murders per 100,000 people, whereas the average city in the U.S. is a little over 4 homicides per 100,000.”

He further stated in the article: “The tourism officials in the islands? Worthless. They’d just as soon sell you a straw hat as a wooden box to transport your body back home.  And don’t think that being on an official cruise tour is safer than exploring on your own. A busload of U.S. tourists may look like Fort Knox to a gang of armed banditos in an impoverished country…”

Efforts to get comment from local tourism officials have thus far been futile.

See the original article here:


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  1. if all this true I am spooked I am going for ten and thinking of cancelling

  2. worst island in over 200 islands I visited.

    In 2 days both times I tried very hard to help local people. First day I take some people sailing who never sailed before. They robbed me.

    Next day I rescue a sailing dingy abandoned with no one on it and bring it back to the resort. The police think I stole it, they search my boat and they they steal things from me.

  3. it is true crime is very

  4. This is one man’s opinion. I wonder where his statistics from. Has he ever visited St. Lucia?

    • Would you prefer the facts be brought to light by somebody with yellow, brown, or black skin? Only fools blame and attack the truthful messenger, and only a racist would dispute claims based on the color of the writers skin.

  5. This is “not a report”. It is just some white guy venting from his pie hole.

  6. “Concerned” we already said that we have terrorist. And guess what we were the first to say it. Remember “Media Terrorism” and trying by all means to destroy a man’s reputation by saying he is affiliated to South American drug lords and terrorist. I bet you didn’t remember. That when you allow useless politicians to besmirch the character of others and the country in general. Oh, you didn’t think that it would reach home? All of you all are fools and i cautioned about it. Don’t cry wolf where there is no wolf others are watching.

  7. It could never be my response as an informed critic that will determine the price of coffee. You yourself should wake up and call a spade a spade.

    You are the one stiffling your commemts that your children don’t know the truth. A tsunami would hit and you would not even recognise until you were in some gutter somewhere in Castries along with your out of reality friends. Is what the MInister says and does as a results that counts. FOOl.

  8. frequent Tourist

    I am a frequent tourist to St Lucia and have also recommended 15 friends to visit to date. All have had a great time and many have now visited more than once. The problem with Jim’s article is that it is mostly based on fact and the reaction of the authorities brushing stuff under the carpet is very bad and does no good for the reputation of St Lucia. Jim’s article has been picked up by the Times and Telegraph so more bad news for St Lucia. Cuthbert Didier is correct. The authorities have to be publicly seen to take a much tougher line with knife and gun carriers. With Vat increasing costs of eating out, hotels etc it is now much cheaper for someone like me to come via cruise ship or stay A I in the island. I much prefer to get out and about but Lucia is now a very expensive destination :/(

  9. We should all expect a rebuttal from the that Lewis guy or the crime lab. Ever since that tourist was killed here we have had attacks from a tourist and now this f…er. Don’t be surprised if the attacks continues. That homicide is no where close to ours. 90 per 100 000. 100 000=90: 200 000=180 homicides 300 000- 270 homicides.


  11. more bad publicity… the only thing sustaining our pathetic island and they fucking it up…smfh… then again i can’t blame the publisher cause these crimes did occur..Blame goes to the criminals and the tourist board also.. but most of all blame goes to our government, for increasing unemployment and with that increasing crime.

  12. Cruise DirectorSLU

    Im a lucian living all over the world. Currently employed As a tech for cruise ship companies. When this report came in you should see the reaction and response that we get. alot of pple love st lucia and will continue too visit. however the crime rate is rising, and every time i read SNO is a new crime taking place.As of May Ill be living in russia and even some guest there knows lucia, cus ive met with some before. Now they all skeptical

  13. gonna say it anyway

    well yes Jamaica and Trinidad crime rate is high nut the study was done on Cruise ship clients. So we need to question the Government and find out why more is not being done to protect our visitors. you hardly see police patrol in Castries. there should be on all corners especially on cruise ship days

  14. Successive St. Lucian governments have simply not given crime-fighting the priority it deserves. Their reactions have always been to lash out at the messenger as if it would change the situation. Sometimes, they release this innocuous statement from the folks in tourism. Yeah! That has been known to solve serious problems.

    By now, we all know that gun and knife threats are the biggest dangers. After all these years, why are court fines still being adjudged for illegal gun ownership? Have you ever thought about that one? Then we look at serious crimes being committed late nights/early mornings. Who is checking that traffic? Drive through many small towns in America, especially early mornings or weekends nights, and the cops would get a million reasons to stop you. From drunk driving to burnt tail lamp. Why aren’t we so proactive? Until we change our mindset, and realize that crime and tourism are incompatible, expect this kind of discussion over and over again.

    St. Lucians are wonderful people with big hearts. Unfortunately, there are some scummy parents who have unleashed their deviant spawn upon the public. Their message is one of “take.” Someone owes them something.

  15. Karl-Heinz Förster

    What about the key`s? They do also belong to the carebbean area.But still not listed.I think somebody has a special interest to paint the islands in a black colour. I did sail more than 15 years on or around most of the islands and I think the crime-rate is not higher than somewhere else.

  16. This report is suspect,but we must be mindful that we must reduce our crime rate for locals or tourists but the writer have an ulterior motive.Sixty gun incidents this guy is a liar,someone always report any crime in this country that’s why i know Mr.Walker is not believable.


    • Surely, “me”, you don’t believe such a report do you?

      On your expressed views, is it because you are not a supporter of this administration that you arrived at that conclusion about this present administration, nonetheless, we are all Lucians and this report paints us all, including YOU, in a negative way…though this ‘report’ is rather suspected…there is nothing to shout about, Red or Yellow!

    • shut your mothe… , so it’s Lorne that making ppl rob tourist in lucia or making tourist stab taxi driver.

  18. I suspect this writer …. Fool of Shhhhhhhhhhh

  19. I have visited St Lucia with my wife a number of times. We travel by ourselves throughout the island. We use common sense – no bling, no nighttime jump ups, no drunkenness, no drugs. We are polite and friendly, but not too familiar. We often go to beaches used by the St. Lucians. We have met kind and helpful people. We know crimes happens and we know there is always a risk wherever you are, but we have never had a problem in St.Lucia. I have been to many of the islands and I can’t agree with the author of this article. St. Lucia, in my opinion, is one of the safest.

  20. Crime against anybody in St Lucia (locals or visitors) is bad, and we must work harder to eliminate it.

    But before you start to freak out about this article, you should follow the link and look at the actual source article, and the comments. You will see that it is not based on any type of credible research. It is simply a guy expressing his opinion, based on what he claims others have (or have not) told him. You will also see that he clearly has a vested interest in creating a negative view of cruising in the Caribbean to drum up business as a “maritime lawyer”.

    There is nothing in the article that convinces me that his opinion is any better informed than the average Joe Blow arguing in the rum shop – it’s just that he gets to publish his online.

    I certainly think we need to do more, firstly to improve public safety for both locals and visitors alike, and secondly, to improve our image as a destination. However, we should fly into a panic every time someone finds it convenient to tarnish our image as part of their effort to generate more business for themselves.

  21. Perhaps we should not be surprise at Saint Lucia’s ranking because we are working hard for this score. Almost daily we kill one another or steal or decry or insult, both our own people and guests who we expect to bring money to the country. We encourage mediocrity in nearly everything we do and then brush aside and insult those who want to improve. Now, on top of all these things, our madness is causing us to fight to decriminalize marijuana!

  22. That's Me Alright

    Oh Boy….. Someone is adding more fuel to the fire that’s already too fast moving for we St.Lucians to put out. Looks like there is no way out for us we are stuck in the middle, we need HELP seriously or else we all perish.

  23. tHE ANSWER IS SIMPLE..oPERATION rESTORE cONFIDENCE ii ………….That will work>>>

  24. I believe the Government of St. Lucia, needs to think of another way to beef up our economy.

    Kissing broke ass cruise passengers for a dollar in such a volatile competitive industry isn’t worth the returns.

    It’s time that those we elect be more innovative and come up with a more sustainable economy.

    This thing isn’t working.

    We cannot please everyone.

    • worriedAboutLucia

      Exactly! Think, technology!! Get with it. Maybe more young people are needed in parliament.

      • More young people are needed in parliament for sure!!!! A majority of our young educated professionals go away to study and never return because of greener pastures elsewhere. We need to encourage our young people to RETURN and STAY AND REMOVE these old men controlling everything in this country driving us in the dirt! We need new ideas and new energy!!!

  25. dont anyone notice jamaica and trinidad are not on the list compared to our crime rate ???

    • worriedAboutLucia

      Those are the 2 countries I was looking for at top spot and they not even on the list lolol. kind of makes you wonder where he got his statistics from. Maybe JA and Trini fix themsleves.

    • positive criticism

      Ja and Trini don’t have tourism and their #1 product

  26. “Some of the Caribbean countries have homicide rates around 90 murders per 100,000 people, whereas the average city in the U.S. is a little over 4 homicides per 100,000.”

    Which Caribbean countries have a homicide rate of 90 per 100,000

    It does not excuse the major crime in the Caribbean but the highest murder rate in the Caribbean is Belize at 45.

    The highest murder rate in the world is Honduras at 90 while the next highest in Columbia at 54.

    Maybe he is using Honduras only as his “Some”

    • worriedAboutLucia

      You should visit the actual site and reply there. First thing i thought was how official is this guy and does his word carry any weight? may just be the guy’s opinion so who cares?

      Then I thought, wait, these things are really happening in St Lucia, so whoever he is and however shit his statistics may be we still have a lot of work to do to get back to the paradise we once were.

    • Around 90 I tink he said around 90 and not 90. Around can be any number and is an opinionanted word. So he is not entirely wrong and Honduras is part of the Caribbean

  27. Its an embarrassment for the island, especially since its income is mainly tourism. The govt should re-look their tourism package. It will just add more shame to the island. Dont look at others, consider how bad St Lucia looks and find ways of making it better. Such garbage for someone to compare that tourist/taxi driver saga with this story. Crime is too rampant, especially gun-related crime, muchless the pick pockets/petty thieves. SMH

  28. st lucians just be fast to blame their own not realising its a plan to cripple the island tourism industry smh the US already trying to cripple the police force farless, i dont knw what st lucia do the US but they out for us smh just now they go say we have terrorist smh

  29. Spent 10 wonderful days in st Lucia, the people were amazing. I traveled allover the island. Aside from getting pickpocketed at the gros islet jump up, it was an amazing trip. I never felt unsafe. Even when walking about Castries. I look forward to returning. shopping

    • You admit to being victimized, yet still argue against this guys findings!? LOL Wow! Maybe you were just lucky and didn’t lose much of value in your wallet or purse, or maybe you were smoking some really good herb, but most people do not consider getting robbed as an ideal vacation, nor would they ever look forward to returning.

  30. Wake up wake up St.Lucia. This is what we have become,the ministrey is tourism should wake up also. There are many people who strive on the tourist industrey we need to put our heads togather as one nation to the slove the crimes on the island. This report can cripple our tourist industrey. Creat jobs for the island youths.

  31. Netball Enthusiast

    SO St Lucia is ranking Number ten and it is publicized in the International media, but a Tourist injures a Taxi-driver and the international media is SILENT….YE HYPOCRITES!!!!!!

    • Fanned and Faved, “Netball Enthusiast” ten times…such hypocrisy…and some maritime lawyer that one is, surely singing for his supper…economy is bad everywhere and he is looking a larger slice of the pie, alas, my opinion is he is an Ambulance Chaser!!

    • This article was written by an american lawyer. That alone speaks volumes, I am suspecting he has no agenda…lol. We do have an issue with crime in St lucia, but every crime committed in st lucia was somebody’s personal decision. Quit blaming gov’t and police. These are moral issues. Per 100,000 really? numbers don’t lie, but don’t tell the whole story.

  32. So Venezuela cannot even provide security for their country and we busy looking up to them for help??? Choops Tan!!!

  33. One day we are in the top 10 best tourist destination and the next day we are in the top 10 most dangerous destination……we change like the weather

  34. That’s OK Jim, if I had it my way, there would be no cruise industry because it’s FAKE, a boat pretending to be an island floating on the ocean, competing directly with real islands. Broke-ass, cheap people go on cruise anyway. I laugh every time one loses power and people realize that, oh, this is hell on water…and not forgetting the Norovirus. Good luck cruising Jim, good luck.

  35. Cuthbert Didier has been literally begging those in Authourity for years to take their work more seriously and do the right thing (for once.)
    It keeps on falling on deaf ears with everyone “passing the buck.”

    Right now look at the bad publicity we are getting.
    Weak leaders in Key positions continue to destroy everything we stand for as a people and Nation.

    We keep on voting for recycled worthless politicians in this Island.
    And this is what we are reaping.

  36. like really? 1 of the top 10 this guy should go…. his mom

    • worriedAboutLucia

      responses like this is a sure route to us ending up in the top 5. keep it up my friend; we just love being seen as a criminal country.

  37. Yea while our officials continue to spit in our faces as if they are only speaking to us when they spew out their occassional garbage.

    Mr Theophilous i want you to answer these people comments. Not to me since i already know the garbage you sell in ST. Lucia. Answer to the rest of the world.

    Its a fact that your Justice Sytem is SHIT and do not make excuses.

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