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St. Lucia ranked 9th in the Caribbean in Most Powerful Passport rankings

By Horace Cunningham

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st-lucia-passportSt. Lucia has been ranked 9th in the Caribbean in the latest Most Powerful Passport rankings released by the passport ranking website

The index also gave St. Lucia a global ranking of 66, putting them above regional stalwarts such as Grenada, Jamaica and Guyana.

The passport ranking index ranks countries by visa restrictions as well as countries that a particular passport has access to.

Barbados topped the Caribbean rankings with a global ranking of 50.

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  1. Since the introduction of CIP my outlook for SLU has been very pessimistic I expect the passport to devalue with time.

  2. It depends who is telling the story about the Passports. I heard the same story on an international Radio station and St. Lucia's Rank was not appealing when you compare them with Barbados and St.Kitts. To spin the story just to make SLU look good tells alot about the person writing the story.

  3. DON'T TELL ME...We suppose to pop champagne for that? When you all about to sell the country to foreigners and put our passport on sale for $100,000. The P.M. is a foreigner, so I guess he looking out for other foreigners.

  4. How is having a passport which lasts only 5 years, while those of other countries last 10 years, good? Whose asinine idea was it to reduce the St Lucian passport to 5 years? With all the congestion at the passport office, it just causes more frustration and increases the cost to St Lucians, who have to get other documents updated so often when they travel. It does not make the passport more secure. Only makes it worthless. If the intention was to double coffers, why not keep the duration of 10 years, and increase the processing fee? Same effect, less annoying encounters at the passport office. Children's passports in other countries last 5 years, not adult passports. The St Lucian passport is weak.

  5. How is being ranked 66 globally and 9th in te Caribbean a good thing?


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