UPDATED: St. Lucia police officers receive regional top awards

UPDATED: St. Lucia police officers receive regional top awards

PRESS RELEASE – On Tuesday, March 31, 2015 the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police bestowed three prestigious awards on outstanding police officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police force, through its Regional Awards Programme.

Inspector Eddie Monlouis won the first prize for Top Caribbean Crime Fighter, Assistant Superintendent of Police Mashama Sealy was awarded the first runner up for Top Caribbean Career Move and Constable Silvina James captured the first runner up prize for Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force through the executive congratulates these officers for their accomplishment and the opportunity to encourage the general membership to continue to perform at the highest of standards.


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  1. Congradulations.it breaks My heart to speak forthright cause i trained hard,had more qualifications and a recruit i trained with backstapped me.


  2. Congrats to the winners, but we have more officers who are bypassed just because the take the force to task. We have officers who are deserving of the promotions and for petty or no reason are being cast aside. Police force stop demotivating the officers, stop promoting people out of friendship. You know about the officers putting in extra hours, getting great appraisals, the guys at the top y'all know the officers..PROMOTE THE FELLAS. These officers need to start speaking out, stop hiding them fellas,it's not fair. Minister of home affairs have meeting with your officers..The top boys victimizing the hard working officers that deserve promotion.


  3. Congrats officers,wish it could have been a higher percentage to get these awards.too much slacking off on the police part


  4. If you not gay or lesbian , there's no promotion for you . Lot 's of police officers working to hard with no reward. Ssu , marine unit , cid .


  5. that is strange one had sayin this then the other hand sayin dat. What is reely Goin on? O well.


  6. Top 'regional' awards..

    Sorry fellas, but it's like being top of the 4th division..

    When I start seeing police being removed for their extra curricular activities or drinking on the job I will have more confidence in the force.


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