St. Lucia police not taking repeated rape of British tourist in Gros Islet lightly

St. Lucia police not taking repeated rape of British tourist in Gros Islet lightly

St. Lucia police said a British tourist was “sexually assaulted over the course of last week” by a local man and that they vow to get to the bottom of the matter because the island depends on tourism, The Daily Mail (UK) newspaper has reported.

The suspect, believed to be in his 20’s, was arrested at a residence in the north of the island on Saturday afternoon, March 31, 2018 on suspicion of raping a British woman the day before, St. Lucia News Online had reported.

In a report published today, April 5, 2018, the Daily Mail quoted an unnamed “local police spokesman” on the case.

“I can tell you that a visitor from the UK was sexually assaulted over the course of last week. We have taken someone into custody and we are continuing with investigations into this criminal matter. We are waiting to hear both sides of the story before charges can be brought,” the police source was quoted as saying.

The Mail reports that the female visitor was “dragged through bushes” and “repeatedly raped” in Gros Islet, and it is not known whether she was staying with family or in a nearby hotel.

According to the Mail, the police have promised to “leave no stones unturned” and to investigate the matter.

“The RSLPF will get to the bottom of this. We need to as our country depends on tourism. We cannot afford to have incidents like this happening on our doorstep,” the spokesman was quoted as saying by the Mail.

Other British publications, The Mirror and The Sun, have also reported on the incident.


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  1. I was sexually assaulted as a tourist by a man who was in a band at one of the resorts. He drugged me and took me off the property in his car. where he then sexually assaulted me. I was 17. The police weren’t helpful. I have constant nightmares and still suffer 3 years later. But there is no justice in St Lucia. I stand by the women hurt in the same way no matter where we are from or how our paths crossed with these monsters.


  2. I am very worried as to how this story is coming across. I understand the urgency. I understand that we depend on tourism. All I am saying is that that same urgency should be displayed when our local women suffer at the hands of this brutes. We should be as passionate about finding justice for them as we are for the foreigners. We should be condemning those acts just as vehemently, we should be just as angry and as bitter and as broken about it. And justice should flow just as swiftly.
    That never happens. And I know that personally. It's just a job when it happens to locals but a crisis when it happens to visitors. The way I see it, it's a crisis all around and should be treated as such.
    Don't sleep on your people. Fight for us like you fight for them...


  3. 'No stone unturned', for rape. How many stones apparently left unturned for the countless other unsolved rapes and even murders


  4. The speediness in which the police are dealing with this alleged rape case should be commended. The public wants assurance, whether visitors or locals, that rape is tackled as a serious crime. There are many unsolved rape cases that have been allowed to be cold, and the perpetrators may never face justice! These two British newspapers have their agenda in covering the story; the police are only reiterating the importance given and their commitment to solve rapes - including those inflicted on any tourist.


  5. so what is the police saying because is a tourist theyll leave no stones wonder when our local women are being raped and sometimes even murdered nothing is being i see


  6. It is sad when these assaults fester their ugly heads in our lovely island. Crimes happen anywhere and everywhere and this could have happened in the UK. Right now there's a lot of killings going on in London. In South London yesterday a 78-year-old man stabbed a burglar to death who invaded his house. There have been lots of black on black killings and the gangs are rampaging through the streets of the inner city London causing untold mayhem. Two Russians were poisoned recently in England.

    I just read the article in the Mail and noticed that I know the reporter who wrote it. He is a seasoned Journalist from these shores who settled in the UK many years ago. I know him and had the pleasure of working with him back in the early 80's when we both started our careers in Journalism. I gave up after a while since there was hardly any monies coming in to pay the bills. He carried on writing and seem to have done well for himself. I have read lots of his articles in the British press and not much is known about him in our local media.He is from Soufriere originally which is where I also hail from. I hope this article does not do any damage to St Lucia like the police are saying in the story.Knowing the Journalist who wrote the story I am pretty sure he would have thought about how his piece would have panned out before he tapped away on his keyboards. But Like all of us, the gentleman has to earn a living and if writing this article will help him pay the bills then so be it. I doubt anything will come out of this sad affair and hope the police get to grips with it as soon as possible.


  7. So the crime is being investigated because we depend on tourism? Shame! Shame ! Shame!

    The matter should be investigated because it is a criminal offence and we do not need such filth in our country. Furthermore every citizen and visitor should be able to walk the streets without being subjected to crime; that should be the reason we investigate .


  8. me the police i was giving him endless licks.
    boop dont do shate, boop again dont mess with the tourists, Bap you giving the country a bad name, bap under his belly,you making the tourist dont come down here boop boop bap.


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