St. Lucia Olympic Committee launches anti-doping campaign

St. Lucia Olympic Committee launches anti-doping campaign

The Saint Lucia Olympic Committee has launched an anti-doping campaign under the theme “Empowering athletes through anti-doping education”.

With the help of its educational arm responsible for anti-doping, the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee was able to secure funding for the project through UNESCO, aimed at educating athletes on the subject of anti-doping.

UNESCO’s Secretary General in Saint Lucia, Marcia Symphorien, said the organization recognizes that “we live in a highly competitive sporting environment, one in which athletes and sports personnel are under increasing pressure to win at all costs. And as a result, the use of performance enhancing substances in sport is becoming increasingly pervasive, affecting not only elite athletes but also young sports men and women, and amateur sports enthusiasts are also being drawn into doping. The organization recognizes that doping jeopardises the moral and ethical basis of sport and the health of those involved in it”.

Board Member of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization, Dr. Kenneth Louisy, urged local officials not to be complacent where doping in sport is concerned.

Following the launch, the educational committee will be hosting six seminars and workshops that will extend until December.

This educational campaign will target at least 200 athletes from around the island.


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