St. Lucia News Online launches mobile app with emphasis on user experience

St. Lucia News Online launches mobile app with emphasis on user experience

Screenshot_2015-12-22-15-26-55St. Lucia News Online has launched the first native mobile app for news distribution within the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

The app, dubbed “SNO Mobile”, focuses on providing a clean and easy to use interface combined with some of the most powerful sharing features available to any mobile news application. The application allows sharing via Facebook, Email, Twitter and Whatsapp in just three taps, enabling readers to share important news and updates without the need to go through the onerous process of copying and pasting.

The app also has a unique feature in Smart Caching where articles are automatically stored for offline view once you start the app, this allows you to read news stories away from an internet connection without the need to go through a complicated article saving process as with all other news apps.

SNO Mobile is also the first fully native mobile news application in the Caribbean and one of only a handful in the world. Unlike most news apps which are written with a mix of web and native technologies, SNO Mobile was written completely using native code which means that it will perform faster and use less resources than any other news application out there with a comparative feature set.

SNO Mobile is currently available for android devices with the iPhone version coming in a few months.

The app can be downloaded for free HERE

It can be also downloaded directly to android smartphones via Play Store.


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  1. How secure is my privacy if I download this app? Will it collect information about my identity or my contact lists,or send unwanted ads to my phone? I know a lot of these News app collect data about their users. If it's free there is always a catch.

    I am an IT professional and I am concerned about privacy. I am not trying to distress your app.


    • Google normally alerts you to what information is collected if the app is used. This is mandatory for all applications as you require a certain level of permission(user granted) in order to collect location and other information. When installing the app this is normally displayed in the pop up window.

      SNO Mobile does not collect ANY information on the user. There are no ads and no adware built into the application. In app ads will be added however these will be limited to inside the application and will appear as images as you browse the news feed. These will not affect your phone outside of the app.

      When ads are added INSIDE SNO Mobile these ads will be as unobtrusive as possible as we focus on user experience more than anything else.


  2. good vybe SNO, you'll have kept us aware all the happenings we would have been unaware of in the past. Since the country's information streams shut down on Friday afternoon.


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