St. Lucia media association concerned about composition of COP23 delegation

St. Lucia media association concerned about composition of COP23 delegation

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Media Association of Saint Lucia is concerned that the Government of Saint Lucia has this year declined to extend its customary invitation to the media fraternity to join the Saint Lucia Delegation at the 2017 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany.

In years past, journalists specially trained in climate change reporting such as Stan Bishop of the Voice St. Lucia, and Alison Kentish of HTS News4orce have accompanied the delegation, providing a critical look at Saint Lucia’s activities during this important multilateral conference.

This year, the only coverage of the important policy meetings and lobbying efforts undertaken on our behalf will be provided by content producers employed in the Office of the Prime Minister.

MASL also notes with concern that this year’s delegation seems to lack Information & Communications officers (from the Sustainable Development and Energy units, for example) that would normally provide readouts, reports and other feedback from the technical meetings at COP.

Because climate change is an issue of immediate and serious public concern, the seriousness of excluding these key individuals from this year’s delegation cannot be understated. The Saint Lucian public deserves to have access to reliable, accurate information about the efforts our delegation is undertaking on the behalf of the nation and the region.

By forcing the nation to rely on the narrative crafted by the official government communication machinery, this administration is curtailing the rights of all Saint Lucians to be informed on matters of national importance by a free press.

We refer to remarks made on Thursday, 18th October by a senior member of the Government Information Service asking that the media be more committed to educating the public on environmental matters: “Climate change is an issue of absolute importance to the region. Needless to say that Saint Lucia has been spared the brunt of three disastrous hurricanes so far. As media practitioners, we are a very important means of communicating environmental concerns to the general public. We should be concerned with the environment a lot more. [There should be] more public announcements and even discussion programs on NTN, GIS and in the private media.”

Needless to say, the remarks were made at a meeting convened with media stakeholders to discuss ways in which the private media and the GIS could effectively highlight the event, and give more prominence to issues relating to climate change and global warming.

With these statements in mind, the Media Association of Saint Lucia remains perplexed as to why an invitation was not extended to any member of the private media to form part of Saint Lucia’s delegation to Bonn.

In light of the developments, MASL will be left with no choice but to explore our options as it relates to coverage of state-backed climate change and sustainable development initiatives.

The Media Association of Saint Lucia looks forward to a continued and improved dialogue with the Government of Saint Lucia on how to ensure that the ability of its members to operate a free, independent fourth estate is not compromised or further eroded.


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  1. So the media houses can't fund their own trips? Why must it be the government to do this. If they were not so tightly involved with politics they wouldn't have these problems. The big problems we have in St.lucia now they cant even report on.


  2. MASL,

    The reason you guys have not been invited on this junket is because you are now surplus to requirements - stenographers are a dime a dozen! The government has hired Campeche as their Director of Stenography Services - his double speak engenders a more professional level of cognitive dissonance in the St. Lucian masses.

    Sorry, you're the "weakest" link!


  3. So why hasn't the media taken action for being left out of the loop when it concerns more important issues? Is it because of a trip? I find that strange. Are they on the Reparations Committee? Most of these international sessions are live streamed on the internet so why have to pay for a trip? I don't know why the media would see such a superficial issue as being so important to them. The media must acknowledge that the practices of one government does not necessarily become the practice of a successor government. The fact that one government acts in a particular manner doesn't mean that it is a right which is to demanded from another government. That's so shallow and it therefore asks questions of the Media Association.


  4. Really, she was fired for speaking out about the working conditions. That place is hell, I have friends working their. I worked there for awhile, but had to run. The boss and the Financial Controller want to sleep with all the women.


  5. The Media Association should be concern about it members that been stifle and getting fired at the various media houses. Earlier this week The voice fired female journalist Rochelle Gonzales for a letter she wrote indicating about the working conditions, one week earlier she was defined and opportunity to attend a meeting in Greanda all expensive paid by the organizers the Voice did not have to pay a cent. These are the things MASLneed to talk about. The workers at the Voice does not have a Voice.


  6. Our constitution needs a recall referendum now that we are truly experiencing the the dangers of having SERIOUSLY, SHAMELESS and GREEDY F**CKERS at the helm of the country. and when elections are just around the corner they automatically become caring...





  7. The Dishonourable Vorass Ministah of Everything enh want di people to see how he embarrassing dem. So Nicole Mcdonald go doctah di news to make di Dishonourable Vorass appear intelligent for once.


  8. Oh please Boo hoo hoo dam cry babies GET OVER IT ! We John Public would rather our tax dollars be spent on other pressing issues that is affecting our quality of lives than to fund your oversees round robin trip on climate change. Really ?? The monies that would be spent to fly yu'll backsides to Germany and back feed and house you could have fund 12 police officers with overtime to fight the crime. You all want to go to Germany to sit in a hotel at tax payers expense to pass The Grey Poupon not with my tax dollars GO FIND SOMTHING ELSE TO DO. What ever we need to know about climate control and the effects it's has on us we can go online and find out ourselves fine thank you. Choops.


    • Prey do tell on what is it being spent. Only person i see spending di country money for himself is Chastanet and Dont see what he's bringing in.

      Other people want to benefit from it too.


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