St. Lucia makes investors’ choice list

St. Lucia makes investors’ choice list

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia has been identified as one of the countries outside the US, where companies will locate five to ten years from now.

That’s according to readers of Site Selection Magazine – an influential publication that highlights corporate real estate strategy and area economic development.

Location consultants and experts in foreign direct investment from around the world, were asked where they would consider locating their investment in the next ten years, and why. Aside from Belize, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti, Saint Lucia was rated as one of the choice locations in the Central/South America and Caribbean region.

Among the attributes identified for the feature ‘Locations of the Future’, survey respondents highlighted a large population with a burgeoning middle class; political and economic stability; an industrious, well-educated workforce; and quality infrastructure as some of the incentives to investing in one regional location over another.

According to Patty Rasmussen, Senior Editor of Site Selection, “The survey asked site selectors with expertise in a variety of industries to tell us where they believed new sector clusters would locate five to ten years down the road, and why they would likely emerge there.” She explained, “We asked the respondents to identify their top three areas of expertise. Next, we asked the respondents to identify – not rank – the locations within six regions they believed would be home to new clusters in those sectors in the next five to ten years, based on their knowledge of the sectors. We also asked them to briefly explain what made the location appealing.”

“In a tie with Eastern Europe,” she continued, “31.4% of respondents selected the Central/South America and the Caribbean and cited ‘an educated workforce, the economic expansion of the region aided by the anticipated increase in traffic due to the widening of the Panama Canal and a growing middle class as some of the reasons behind the decision to invest in the logistics, automotive and chemical clusters.” Learn more at

Saint Lucia sought to further influence this perception through its advertorial on page 97 of the July 2015 edition of Site Selection. The island is being actively promoted as a destination of choice for foreign direct investment through the efforts of Invest Saint Lucia, the agency charged with promoting, stimulating and facilitating investment.


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  1. Lucia could be a magnet to foreign investment but the perception of having outrageous unions, especially in the manufacturing sector, has all but dried up investments from USA and Europe.


  2. I won't come and invest in this country my reasons are confidential.I was born here and do know those chances of getting rob and killed in St.lucia when my business will be doing well above those in St.Lucia.Asked the Syrians,Chinese,Indians.How many times they've receive threats to shoot them down in St.lucia?


    • Go away devil!

      You can't invest on your behind to save yourself.

      1) The Syrians are lucky to be in St. Lucia instead of Syria.

      2) The Chinese are given our money to set-up shop. And they do get away with crap than in their own country.
      Ask them why did they abandon China.

      3) Regarding the Indians, they are allowed to contest general Elections in this Land and given million dollar contracts and we foot the bill.

      So you are clearly an uneducated moron with little to show.

      So go away Devil!


  3. i would like the authorities that be to criticize this survey, just as the government and its hacks did the other where st.lucia was said to be a slow growing economy. We too hypocrite to accept those silly reports when we in a good light, and denounce the others when we arent happy where we are ranked. nosense alone. i dont really see credibility in this survey either


  4. Should that translate into real economics and social benefits for the country that I'm sure would be most welcomed.


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