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St. Lucia makes CNN’s “favourite travel photos” list of 2019

By SNO Staff

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The photo featured on CNN.

(SNO) — A photograph of “The Pitons, St. Lucia” has made the list of CNN’s “favourite travel photos of 2019 so far”.

CNN (Cable News Network) is a United States (U.S.) 24-hour news-based pay television channel that is accessed by millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide.

St. Lucia is the only Caribbean country named in the list of 25 places that are favoured in 2019, so far, for CNN.

In the photo gallery accompanying the article on the travel section of the network’s website, on Tuesday, Feb. 19, the caption of the St. Lucia photo states: “The Pitons, St. Lucia: Twin volcanic spires Gros Piton and Petit Piton inhabit part of a World Heritage site near Soufrière, the island’s former capital.”

The photo is credited to Daniel Slim — AFP/Getty Images.

“These photos not only show the natural and human-made beauty of our world, but they can also give us a glimpse of other people and cultures and the beauty within the human race,” the CNN article states. “Thousands and thousands of amazing images cross our computer screens each year, and in this space we share some stunners from 2019 so far.”

According to CNN, the gallery is updated “periodically”.

“So when you’re ready to see another gorgeous part of the world — the world’s largest gypsum dune field in New Mexico, starlings gathering to roost in England, a mesmerizing bookstore with mirrored ceilings in China, — return here for inspiration,” the article further states.

The other places being featured are: Tangshan, China; Bern, Switzerland; Erzurum, Turkey; Zell am See, Austria; Otero County, New Mexico; Abu Dhabi; Frankfurt, Germany; Petra, Jordan; Chongqing, China; Brighton, England; The Pitons, St. Lucia; Quảng Phú Cầu, Vietnam; Copenhagen; Buenos Aires; Venice, Italy; Ipiales, Colombia; Beijing; Abu Dhabi; Davos, Switzerland; Al-`Ula, Saudi Arabia; Athens; Cologne, Germany; Lima; Kütahya, Turkey; and Sydney.


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  1. Big deal Sandals have been doing this for years AND IN PRIME TIME ON CNNN. What's the matter you have never seen the commercials obviously you are not paying attention sandals St Lucia with the over the water bungalows with the lush green serenity of St Lucia with parrot and the white people in the canoe and the couple dancing on the beach and a couple been severed drinks with the butler in white gloves ......bla bla bla bla bla watch around 8 o'clock during Wolf Blitzer

  2. To my Prime Minister and the entire UWP party I say thank you for fighting to make St.Lucia a better place for all St.Lucia, friends, visitors to enjoy. Lets move to higher heights make us Simply Beautiful again.


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