St. Lucia ‘literally terrorized’ by economic attacks from rich, powerful countries

St. Lucia ‘literally terrorized’ by economic attacks from rich, powerful countries
St. Lucia's Foreign Minister Alva Baptiste.
St. Lucia's Foreign Minister Alva Baptiste.
St. Lucia’s Foreign Minister Alva Baptiste.

CMC – St. Lucia says it and other small states are being “literally terrorized” by constant attacks of rich and powerful countries against any economic advance.

As a result, Foreign Affairs Minister Alva Baptiste told the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly Debate on Friday that the future of poor and powerless countries, like St. Lucia, is in “persistent peril.

“How can we be expected to be stable and secure if our vulnerabilities as Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are constantly ignored and overlooked?” he asked.

“How is our war on poverty supposed to succeed and be sustained, if at every turn it is systematically   undermined   by  regressive   impositions   of   policies   by the international community – whether in the form of illogical  economic graduation, insensitive erosion  of trade preferences, and inexplicable black listing of our financial jurisdictions?” he added.

Baptiste said this “geographic and economic insecurity” has become the central source of domestic instability.

He said to increase the specific gravity of economic problems, from an environmental standpoint, small states like St. Lucia face growing insecurity “as climate change unleashes increasingly deadly and destructive disasters upon us”.

Baptiste said the recent devastation of Dominica by Tropical Storm Erika that caused damage amounting to almost 100 per cent of its gross domestic product (GDP) and Hurricane Joaquin’s decimating march across the economic and environmental fabric of the Bahamas” are “vivid testimony to the ferocity of the threats that confront us”.

Additionally, Baptiste said small island states, like his, find themselves trapped where the erosion of trade preferences, decline in Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) and Foreign Direct Assistance (FDA) “have caused us to  engage in increased borrowing to meet our current social and economic obligations, resulting in high debt to GDP ratios.

“This has narrowed the room for fiscal policy flexibility and fiscal maneuvering,” he said, adding that the situation is further compounded by the increased security costs of responding to the negative impacts of the illicit trade in small arms and illegal narcotics, as well as reconstruction costs following natural disasters.

Baptiste, however, said the new Global Partnership for sustainable economic and social development provides a platform from which to tack le human security in all its facets.

In that vein, he said 2015 provides a “once in a generation opportunity to set a transformational global agenda for sustainable development.”

He said the quartet of global agreements forged toward that end, on disaster risk reduction, financing for development, the post 2015 development agenda and the new climate change agreement yet to be finalized, are “intended to usher in a new era of sustainable development for all.”

Baptiste said the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals suggests that “we have progressed our understanding of the profound challenges that face developing countries,” like St. Lucia.

But he said the economic, social and environmental security of SIDS “rests in the effective implementation of these agreements.

“Small countries like St. Lucia can hardly withstand externally induced insecurity. We require for our development a context of regional and international harmony, which is dependent on linkages far from our immediate environments.”

He, therefore, said there is a “substantial concern” that small states, with limited material or diplomatic outreach, do not have access to arrangements that allow them to speedily draw support from outside, to inhibit or minimize environmental insecurity.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said that expansion in both the permanent and non-permanent categories of membership of the UN Security Council is “imperative to better reflect the contemporary world realities, and achieve a more accountable, representative, transparent and more importantly a relevant, Security Council.”

He said St. Lucia applauds achievements made in the past year by moving the process now to text-based negotiations, and looks forward to the realization of this process.

Baptiste said there is a general sense of relief and welcoming in St. Lucia and other members of the Western Hemisphere at the diplomatic reconciliation that has been taking place between the United States and Cuba.

He said the Kenny Anthony Administration believes that this initiative opens the way to a full-scale reconciliation of hemispheric relations, adding that it removes “unnecessary impediments to our efforts at regional and hemispheric cooperation”.


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  1. What did he say other than to relieve himself of this comical task, that takes our national situation forward towards any type of positive improvement? He came up empty! Didn't he?

    Listen! There is no recorded history anywhere in the world where hot air, froth, and blather has done anything to grow any economy. Neither has complaints to the international community. Only empty-headed beggarly governments do this sort of thing. For them such is an achievement. To them that is productive. That is the easy part; misery loves company!

    Open your eyes. We were a SIDS (small island developing state) very long BEFORE that speech, and even longer before the acronym S.I.D.S. was created. Different countries in this group so characterised with that label, have each some entirely different and peculiar conditions to solve. Yes there are problems, even existential one like in the Maldives. What was his definition of "economic terrorism" that relates to our condition? Misery loves company.

    Objectively, we are SMALL, unless a volcano creates more land, or we drag more soil off to the eastern side of the HIA in V/Fort.

    We are an ISLAND. England is. Australia is, but is wide enough to have different climates and different time zones at the same time to be called a continent. Greenland is. What's wrong with that? They too face environmental problems. But do you hear them shouting "economic terrorism"? England, an island grew the technology to almost conquer the entire world! They have culturally, a different value system. We had "Rule Britania" and a time when it was said that "the sun never sets on the British Empire". Did they complain of SIZE?

    We are DEVELOPING country, the "D" in SIDS. But so were the countries in the BRICs group of countries. The steps taken by their OWN governments (tell our laggards and lazy-thinking people) are what got them reclassified today as "emerging economies". Do you think that complaining to, or at the UN changed the quality of life for their inhabitants? No! They made the INTERNAL, BUT NECESSARY CHANGES WITHIN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES to achieve their gains. China, India and Russia eased the "command and control" system that Cuba is creaking towards with its detente with the USA.

    Our very "caring and forward thinking" shysters have already told us in plain words and in no uncertain terms, unless we missed ENTIRELY the import of what they said, that they will do NOTHING to" commit political suicide". That UN speech is just more an evidentiary demonstration of the continuing charade! Empty vessels make the most political noise.

    So what did he say there, other than relieving himself of this continuous comical burden of again trying to fool all of the people, some who know a lot more than himself about the subject, help in any way to alleviate any perceived conditions here in Saint Lucia? SLP the smart people can go online now and get an education free of cost, bypassing what you now are selectively facilitating your yardfowls with. SLP you have outlived your usefulness. The game is up.

    Why do we Saint Lucians relish the custom of wallowing in the misery created and caused by voting for and electing in serial fashion morons, much more idiotic than our ownselves into government, who in turn, make us look and behave like even bigger sillier dummies for years on end, than some of us already are? Tel me. Why do we continue to do this and repeatedly do this nonsense? When will we turn the corner?


  2. Alexander makes the most sense here more than all of the social media posy, all drinkers of the hallucinating SLP Kool-aid called Better days. It does appear to me that Alexander understands the international scene even better than the sitting copy-cat PM, the SIDs echo-chamber, Easy-hell and that other grinning sleek looking retard of an idiot, who told us to take IMF money and put it in a bank. Saint Lucia sprouts upf an idiot by the sidewalks like weeds, by the minute. See how many are already in government today?


  3. Sometimes reading these comments make me believe that St. Lucia are the most stupid people in this hemisphere. Idiots why dont we put our petty politics aside and see the bigger picture. The guy presented a case brought forward by all SIDS yet we make it political. he is not there talking on behalf of SLP but the whole island. Idiot lucians.


  4. If at Lucia had an ass it would have been named after you ! And please St Lucia let's say excuse my butt it just squeezes air uncontrollability. Next time I will ask my brain Kehhy to take a beano pill . To ease my butt ! Lucia get big LolO Shanty sing agaaaaaain !


  5. Why should we believe you Alva is it because you have been sent on a barking run for elections money !


  6. Smoke and mirrors. Government is a business, ours and theirs, and if our politicians can't realize that then we're in a hole. All governments push the agenda to give their own country's businesses an advantage. What do you think LIAT has been benefiting from all these years in the region? Our local and regional politicians need to figure out how to direct their populations to spend their money likewise.

    There is no economic terrorism when your people voluntarily buy an apple instead of a mango. Government's job is not only to build roads but to deal with all aspects of life for the people they claim to represent; that includes setting the psychological tone of the country. To forward any agenda the people must be made aware and psychologically to support the policies and direction of the country.

    Our greatest source of independence is agriculture yet it has been allowed to wallow and decline to almost oblivion. A banana country with importation of banana baby food, banana essence, banana wine, and all other unprocessed items which and exported only to be imported and sold back to us. Some of the best chocolate in the world comes from St. Lucia, yet we have no meaningful chocolate products for sale local.

    The old worn out ideas of hoping for that magical investment from outside is nothing but silly and laughable in these 'global' times. Running all over the world spending millions of dollars trying to import prosperity is and has always been nonsense. Our investment should be in our people and innovation. In an ever increasing world population food resources will continue to be scarcer yet no move is being made to change that significantly. Tourism will not save us when all we are focused on is importing foreigners in such a fickle industry. Another catastrophic event, a-la-9/11, will decimate that industry overnight!

    All traditional forms of begging for alms and sources of finances from outside have been drying up before our very eyes, yet we see no change in the same old tradition of going begging with cap in hand.

    Our politicians have not adapted and are devoid of ideas, and as a result are blaming other countries. Our politicians are failures in their own right. It's the same ole same ole, with the same old results.


    • First of all I can clearly see that you have not really done any research on the topic you speak of. The SIDS you alluded to does not only comprise of Caribbean islands, there are SIDS all over the world look it up please. So the problem is not unique to this hemisphere or a specific set of islands, if they all share the same view then it is OBVIOUSLY a problem.

      When bigger powers like the US and UK etc. strategically initiate policies that would limit our ability to compete and sell the little products that we have on the global market is that not Economic Terrorism!! They are tactically pushing agendas that benefit them and force restriction on SIDS for not complying is that not Economic Terrorism against struggling Developing countries?

      Dr. Fletcher alluded to the same things you talked about and advised that we think outside the box. Lets face it there are countries that produce agricultural products cheaper than we do "Dominican Republic" so are we really going to be successful in that arena? Why not use our products to create different revenue streams, harvest Moringa and the other products we have in abundance which are trending internationally. Sour Sop has been proven to fight cancer lets look into that, we will not survive by just growing and selling!!

      SIDS have always looked to the global community for help with funding for development. Hence the reason they are called DEVELOPING countries. THEY NEED HELP. So stop you nonsense!!


  7. Alva stop begging is that what you guys do best try to convince everyone hat you'll are the good guys while you steal from your own people ! The Rest of the world is becoming aware of your loupe holes how you and your party make money and even people disappear but don't worry Lucians will teach you'll an example to remain in opposition for ever just like Odlum . Can you imagine if Odlum had become prime minister and handed us over to LYBIA ! People run Kenny and his hungry dogs out !we not a begging nation but a creating on .


  8. If president Putin and Robert Mugabe "we are not gays" were not here,, I would rate this guy as the best.


  9. Well said Alva.For once you have something sensible to put across.However that does not take away the fact that in St.lucia politics there is alot of diasour politicians who have just simply run out of ideas and need decomissioning.

    That does not take the fact that there is a lot of corruption at the heart of government which is sucking the life out of this country. Yes there is no doubt economic terroism taking place but we have to maximise our resources back home so that deliver to the people the basics that they mandated you to deliver.

    But not a bad speech.


  10. Words are going around the world that,we are ripped off's meaning that we are overcharging visitors and locals who might have lived oversees in many given circumstances per say. So,your mal-practices can create bad economical results.


  11. Great Speec both by yourself and Dr. Anthony last week. These people need to understand our plight as developing nations. Its like they expect a small island like ours with no natural resources to compete on a level playing field with other bigger developed nations. They sanction us and put all kinds of restrictions on us when we seek creative ways of increasing revenue (Antigua and Off shore banking, Citizenship by investment) comes to mind. Yet they decrease aid to us or whatever aid they give comes with soooooo many stipulations which all fits their agenda.


  12. St. Lucia is under attack from black sigatoka, natural disasters and dumb ass politicians (all political parties ) ............. You should mention that dumb ass...............


    • If you have been to picnic areas at any beach in St.Lucia, you will see global warming caused by St. Lucians themselves. Every beach is trashed out with empty food containers, plastic bottles, empty rum bottles and every kind of garbage left there by Lucians. The term global warming has failed so now they call it climate change in St Lucia the climate changes twice a year , the wet and dry season. You all need to do something about polluting vehicles on the island and stop blaming the US for crap. If you need some money, Beg nicely. But every one knows the Global warming and climate change are a BIG lie.


  13. Mr. Baptiste was ingenious in coining the term "economic terrorism" perhaps the bigger countries will now listen to small island developing states.


    • Can Saint Lucians take any part of that load of crap poured at the UN to the supermarket? I bet you they can. That is the genius in our tails. Today is just like yesterday. It cuts our tail,s all dem Better days .


  14. Why do we ever have to elect people like this PM who cannot chose better than to appoint moronic country bucks to represent this country at every turn? Does this load of pure unadulterated drivel presented there advances our chances for socio-economic development in any way?
    Saint Lucia's political elite's bankruptcy of leadership and basic leadership skills, attended by the usual enamel cup or begging bowl mentality are always on display in one way or the other. Some choose the highest possible fora to wallow in their self-pity and ignorance.
    Every country does what is in its best economic interest. Devoid of any constructive ideas, the SLP has continued to blame the international community for being destitute of ideas leading it to need more economic handouts?
    This party has lost all sense of positive national direction. Listen to its mis-educated and mal-educated intelligencia. It sounds like this bkoke went to school in Cuba. This bloke does not understand that Russia has given up on Cuba and Syria is the new game in town?
    All of this type of empty rhetoric spewed above. just like Fidel Castro's six-hour speeches are futile. Such emptiness does not move any kind of positive agenda. It does not change the fact that the SLP is now resorting to crass intellectual dishonesty to cover up its clueless nakedness in terms of realistic ideas to revive and grow this economy. What a clueless bunch of pure idle talkers!
    Come on! Show us some fresh ideas. The Castro days are numbered. Yours are shorter. Come elections Saint Lucia will get a delightful opportunity to get rid of all these better days, and to put out to pasture the entire SLP!


    • Lol you sir are an Intelligent Fool. 55 SIDS Echo the same cry and you have a problem with the one person with the Balls to call it as it is "Economic Terrorism!!" Did you listen to the other countries speeches? I did!! I don't think you would be able to grasp what was being said because if you did you wouldn't be on here spewing this rubbish. By your standards Dr. Fletcher is an uneducated bouky as well right lol bloody retard. Ask Chastnet if he can write and deliver a speech of such quality and substance, with you bullshit about empty rhetoric.


    • The SLP's greatest development ideas for progress is to go around the world cap in hand or with open palms. Since they have reduced this country to a begging state like Haiti, the poor in mind, in spirit and in their bank accounts can only see more international begging as the solution. Listen you old greying idiots, count me out.




  15. If any of the people commenting understood what was happening to SIDS globally they would be ashamed to discredit the man's speech. If you followed the pronouncements made by the leaders of all the other SIDS countries you would see that they all echo the same cry. Saint Lucians need to broaden their horizon on international developments, these comments make us look ignorant and unintelligent. Do your research before you spew garbage, go look up the other speeches that were given on the United Nations website. Stop being political idiots.


  16. OMG. What if Baptiste was asked for an example would he be able to give one. The guy just spoke nonsense. The Taiwanese giving us money just like they did under King plus we have taken so much loans to build bridges and roads and yet still the economy is in shit street. What about changing laws and policies in this country to help your own people before u go to the UN and talk rubbish.


    • Go do some research on financing for COP 21, FFD and MDGs in relation to SIDS and then come back and analyze your idiotic statement. He obviously knows more than you which is why he said it. So then I am guessing all other SIDS who share the same views on this are wrong and have no proof either right? Utter Stupidity!!!




    • I'm guessing according to you the 9.8 mil will feed us in St. Lucia for the next 4 years? And furthermore name one government or management/leader in this world who wouldn't hire their own people around them. Is it always fair? NO but to point it point out and pin it on this administration alone is also unfair.


    • The people in office need to start spending all these money they keep getting, on the people of st lucia; instead of putting it in their pockets and begging for more


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