St. Lucia KFC team finishes third, wins “Best in Customer Service” award

St. Lucia KFC team finishes third, wins “Best in Customer Service” award

KFC has done it again! This year’s team challenge took place in Dominican Republic and four of our top performing team members went to represent St. Lucia under the leadership of our Assistant General Manager Ottis Effs.

KFC St. Lucia competed against Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. They were tested on all aspects of the restaurant, from cashier to the breading station where we make that special chicken; they were even quizzed on knowledge of KFC and our strict policies on food handling.

The dynamic St. Lucia team came in 3rd beating out Ecuador, Jamaica and Puerto Rico and also winning ‘Best in Customer Service’ thanks to the brilliant smiles and personalities of our St. Lucian Team. Costa Rica came in 1st place and Brazil came in second, proving that Team St. Lucia is one of the best in the Region.

So Congratulations to Leonard, Levia, Renia, Christelle and leader Ottis who came back with smiles and pride happy to make St. Lucia proud in the KFC Team Challenge Competition and succeeded to put us on the map once again and to prove that KFC St. Lucia is force to reckon with!


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  1. The young generation is making a difference from the front line to the kitchen staff performance and pleasantness spreads like wild fire. Good job!


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