St. Lucia Institute of Architects elects new executive

St. Lucia Institute of Architects elects new executive

By Institute of Architects St. Lucia Inc

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Institute of Architects – Saint Lucia Inc. wishes to announce that a new Executive has been elected by its members at their annual general meeting held on the 22nd of July 2020.

The new Council comprises

· President: Jamal Francis,

· Vice President Haward Wells,

· Secretary Micheal St. Hill,

· Treasurer Genenan Antoine,

· Floor members Jeffrey Mc. Kie and Keam Charlery

· Past President Jeremiah Phulchere.

The new executive is enthusiastic about its mandate, and aims to represent its members and the profession of Architecture as never before. The lack of inclusion of Architects in both large and small-scale local projects continues to plague our local construction industry, and it is our intention to continue to educate our local public on the many roles of an Architect, as well as the importance of making one their first point of contact during the building process.

The Institute of Architects was established in 1996 with the following objectives:

· To advance and encourage the profession of architecture.

· To safeguard matters of professional practice in the interest of the public and members of the Institute.

· To promote public awareness and interest in the art and practice of architecture.

· To create a forum for Architects practicing in St. Lucia.

· To promote and encourage the study of architecture.

· To promote the Association of Architectural Societies and Institutes regionally and internationally.

Our ambitions for this year include:

· The reintroduction of Architect’s week, during which the public will have the chance to meet and mingle with our members, and see samples of their work.

· The introduction of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars for our members, which will focus on technological advancements and new design practices specific to our region.

· Working with other professional associations and governmental bodies to host broader construction sector workshops, in an effort to improve the quality of work done by local designers, contractors and tradesmen.

· Promoting the products and services of local providers to help improve the local economy and develop our overall workforce.

· Encouraging local professionals to work together to provide a better product to the end user.

· Embarking on public education and sensitization drives, aimed at helping clients understand what they should expect from, and demand of, their designers and contractors.

· Addressing all challenges facing the practice of Architecture in St. Lucia and the region.

We look forward to a fruitful year, and thank all our members for their support.


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