St. Lucia hotel raising funds for The Bahamas

St. Lucia hotel raising funds for The Bahamas
Executive Director, Sanovnik Destang
Executive Director of the Bay Gardens Hotel group, Sanovnik Destang.

A small hotel group in the Caribbean is making a big effort to help the people of The Abacos and Grand Bahama recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian earlier this month.

The locally-owned Bay Gardens Resorts group responded to the joint call by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) and Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) with the offer of a vacation package for the “Caribbean Hotels Unite for The Bahamas” auction.

To support the fundraising initiative, travelers can bid now on a 5-Night Stay at the freshly renovated Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa by visiting

The group’s Executive Director, Sanovnik Destang, announced that Bay Gardens Hotel and Bay Gardens Marina Haven had also contributed to the fundraising drive and will soon be available for bids during another round of the auction.

Over the next three months, the hotel group is also donating a portion of all online direct booking earnings and pledges to augment relief funds through the resort group’s Guestbook Loyalty program. Guests enrolled in the program can now donate their 5 percent cash back rewards to assist relief and recovery efforts.

Thanking Bay Gardens’ visitors for their support, Destang called on people across the world to rally around The Bahamas.

“They need all the help they can get both now and in the long-term, and we’re committed to assisting where we can,” he commented.


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  1. Why y'all don't raise funds for our hospitals !!! Let the rich countries help the Bahamas, our hospitals are in shambles, for god's sake focus on our own problems first!!!


  2. Raise funds for Victoria hospital instead! The Majority of Bahamians don't like other islanders . The wickedness perpetrated against the Haitian people is disgusting.


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